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Underground - Overground

Born out of an obsession with cycling and a frustration at a lack of excitement from visiting other cycling shows, a passion for creative exhibition production and ambition to create an alternative, independent live platform for Cycling lifestyle : Spin started life as Spin London – The Urban Cycle Show (way) back over the first weekend in May 2013.

Housed in the basement of the Truman Brewery in East London, the event featured more than 40 eclectic exhibitors alongside original workshops, talks, coffee, beer and film screenings.

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Spin Xmas

With a strong understanding of the current cultural climate & the growing trends in cycling and social consumer activities, Spin sought to create an event which housed the best of both worlds for coffee loving cyclists. Spin went straight to the horses mouth of coffee connoisseurs the organisers of The London Coffee Festival, asking them to collaborate on a small Christmas event. The resulting fair (the cunningly titled) ‘Spin X LCF Xmas’ was born. This festive Spin offering took place at little known event space ‘The Yard’ in Shoreditch over the final weekend in November 2013. Over 5,000 visitors flocked to the event seeking out Christmas gifts and cycling stocking fodder.

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Media Hype

From the outset Spin has attempted to lay down a marker by creating and endorsing compelling cycle themed media. A promotional video was shot in early 2013 attempting to capture the journey, energy and excitement of the forthcoming show. With admittedly varied results the video featuring Sol from fixed gear riding collective Ninja Cats and Matty Hemmings went some way in profiling their skill-set. Another film which we knew we had to get involved with was that of Ted James, cult BMX’er & frame builder. See more of the above, below.