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ARCC Innovations is a state of the art research and development engineering site, they are involved in the design and development of their own products and systems including an exciting bicycle range.

Design and Development 

The ARCC e2-pod power system has been designed by ARCC Innovations to provide unique intelligent bike power.

It combines variable power levels with automatic hill/gradient compensation and launch control.

This allows commuting cyclists to choose the amount of effort both they and the motor provides, automatically compensates for hills and gradients and provides ‘launch control’, for safety, when moving away from lights and crossings in heavy traffic.

ARCC Bicycle Range 

Moulton TSR

The world’s most advanced bicycle frame meets the world’s most innovative power system. The Moulton bicycle, with its outstanding efficiency, speed, comfort and responsiveness, can now be fully integrated with the unique ARCC e2-pod Intelligent Power system. All the excellent Moulton features are retained – the supple suspension, the superb steering, the ultra-rigid frame and unmatched performance.


Cinelli Mystic Rat

Cinelli’s fame dates back to 1919, and is characterised by beautiful design with typical Italian flare. Cinelli frames and racing bikes are legendary in racing history. The carbon monocoque Ram and Bat handlebars benefit from the latest carbon technology. The Cinelli Mystic Rat comes fully integrated with the ARCC e2-pod Intelligent Power system and is supplied as a complete bicycle.



ARCC e2-pod Intelligent Power system is available for the iconic British manufactured Brompton folding bike and can be fitted to all current and older Brompton folding bikes.

The system allows the bike to be used with and without the Brompton bag systems. The bag can be removed with the pod attached to the bag or simply removed leaving the pod attached to the bike.


Airnimal Joey

Well positioned folding points, appropriate material and geometry choice, mean that having a bike that folds needn’t mean compromise unfolded.

ARCC e2-pod Intelligent Power system is available for the Airnimal Joey.

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