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Driven By Passion
Engineered Bicycles is the culmination of the passion and dedication held by two detail-obsessed cyclists: David, a charted engineer, and Adrian, a graphic designer. Their meticulous approach has created a portfolio of critically acclaimed bespoke bikes for customers that always remain true to the Engineered ethos of form follows function.

The Ultimate Cycling Experience 
Each Engineered bicycle is made to order, built and finished by hand, creating an individual riding experience that is as exhilarating as it looks. There are two routes to your bespoke Engineered bicycle:

  • Your perfect custom bicycle starts with one of our discipline-specific platforms which can then be customised to create a bicycle that looks, fits and rides exactly as you want. These platforms give you the confidence in a bicycle designed, built and tested to European standards.
  • Through our E.S.P. (Engineered Special Projects) service, we work with you and build the hand made, bespoke bike of your dreams. Combining our engineering and design expertise with your vision and bike fit data, we can create anything from a titanium sportive machine to a steel super commuter that looks and feels exactly how you imagined it.

Engineered Brand Story

The story of Engineered Bicycles starts back in 2009 when founder, David Fong, became frustrated by not being able to find anything on the market that ticked all his boxes for a “super-commuter” bicycle.

David, a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, (and a lifelong bike racer and mechanic), briefly toyed with the idea of a frame building course to refresh his welding and brazing skills and build the frame himself. However, he soon dismissed this route, in part as it would have limited his choice of material. More importantly, from his experience as a professional engineer, he appreciated knew the importance of experience and skill in welding to the integrity of the final product. Not willing to compromise on quality, David recognised that the project would need the hands of an experienced craftsman to deliver the required standard.

Unsurprisingly, the process of designing the frame, understanding the requirements of the EU safety standards and finally working with a frame builder to realise this first machine was an enjoyable one for David.

David explains: “Working through this process for myself opened my eyes to many new possibilities and presented a lot of interesting challenges. What I wanted to achieve was breaking new ground and some of the solutions just didn’t exist. This was 2009 – many people thought the idea of a disc braked road bike with loads of tyre clearance was crazy!”

The bike turned out well, although “with room for improvement” by David’s own assessment. Feedback from friends and acquaintances was encouraging and some suggested that he ought to consider doing this as a business. “Doing what you love for a living is an option too good to ignore.”
But in 2010 life got in the way so plans to start the business were put on ice and David moved from London to Bristol. With the change, David found himself focussing more on weekend riding and racing and with that, the itch and frustration to find the perfect bike once again popped up – this time a cyclocross race machine.

“At the time, all the off the peg ‘cross bikes were full of compromises to appeal to both racers and commuters, and top level bikes were still running cantis (cantilever brakes). The engineer in me just wasn’t willing to accept this!”

The resulting bicycle incorporated many lessons learned from the first bike, but also leaned heavily on David’s own experience of racing bikes. The difference this time was that this was also a prototype – for a bicycle business.

Following his philosophy for using the best skills for the job, David started looking for a graphic designer to create an identity for the new company. The search was short, as a fellow member of Bristol South CC, Adrian Ridley (also a passionate and experienced racer) recently redesigned the club kit and did a sensational job. They instantly established a great working relationship, both sharing the same perfectionist approach. Not long after that Adrian had become indispensable and a partner in the business.

Engineered Bicycles started in 2013 and has aimed to bring the same uncompromising, form-follows-function approach to its customers that went into David’s first one-of-a-kind bicycles.

The company has grown since the launch, winning several awards and accolades in that time.

David says: “The awards are lovely, but the critical acclaim is the most satisfying for me. It has always been of the greatest importance to me that the bikes are great to ride and fulfil the needs and desires of their owners. So getting that excellent feedback from respected testers who know their stuff and have compared us favourably to some great builders and brands means the world, and is great validation for what I’m trying to do.”

So what lies ahead for David, Adrian and Engineered? “A large part of my engineering background is in R&D, so I am painfully aware that there is no such thing as perfection! We want to design and build bikes that are as awesome as possible – but at the same time we’re constantly looking at ways to develop our expertise and make our bikes even better.”

We’re told that new materials and new construction methods are in the development pipeline, potentially broadening Engineered’s offering – but they won’t be used for new bicycles unless clear benefits can be proven. David wouldn’t give any more away, suffice to say that whatever this passionate duo is working on, it is sure to be both thoroughly considered and beautifully executed.

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