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HeyGreenGO is about using your mobile phone to meet like-minded people and get more from life.

Connect with people in person and you’ll share experiences in a way that just doesn’t happen online. Whether it’s the fun of meeting new people, the satisfaction of trying a new activity, or the simple pleasure of having a coffee with a friend, HeyGreenGO brings people together and makes things happen.

Connecting digitally is affecting the ways we connect in reality. Sharing information is replacing sharing experiences. What we do online is share information, and those hours we spend sharing information are having an impact on the time we spend sharing experiences. HeyGreenGO is designed to help.

We’ve reflected long and hard on this, we’ve developed HeyGreenGO to tackle the twin disconnects – digital vs reality and information vs experience. We’re using digital to enhance reality, and we’re using online information to build real experiences.

HeyGreenGO digitally enables people to connect in person and to share experiences. We’ve deployed it from the UK but it has a global architecture. It uses cutting edge technological solutions to facilitate the exchange of experiences, ideas and values. Remember, there are no such thing as strangers, only people and friends you’ve never met.

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