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Hövding is the unique airbag for urban cyclists that delivers eight times better protection than a traditional helmet.

Founded in Sweden in 2012, Hövding is worn like a collar around the neck and is packed with technology. Once on the bike the Hövding collar is easily activated by clipping the activation button, and in-built sensors start monitoring a cyclist’s body movements at an impressive rate of 200 times per second. In an event of an accident, the patented airbag technology inflates in 0.1 seconds ensuring the airbag is fully inflated before the impact. What’s more, Hövding is designed to protect a larger area of a cyclist’s head, while also protecting the neck by fixating it securely in place.

In fact, a study conducted by Stanford University towards the end of 2016 found a Hövding to deliver eight times better head protection against a risk of concussion and head injury compared to a traditional cycling helmet.

A strong advocate of cycling safety, Hövding focuses on delivering the ultimate protection to cyclists around the globe, and to date, over 50,000 units have been purchased in Europe and Japan.

Ride safe. Feel free.

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