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J.Laverack are passionate about how a bike looks, feels and performs.

All J.Laverack titanium bicycles blend timeless elegance with unrivalled craftsmanship and exceptional engineering to create an exhilarating ride every time you are out on the road.

J.Laverack bicycles pay homage to an era when bike races lasted 24 hours or more and cyclists like Jack Laverack (Co-founder Oliver’s Grandfather) travelled on rough, pothole-strewn roads and tracks to discover new places. It’s this simple love of cycling as a way to explore new places that makes this sport such a beautifully simple, yet endlessly rewarding experience.

J.Laverack bicycles are designed and assembled to order, in their home county of Rutland, allowing customers to specify details such as rack and or mudguard mounts, threaded or press-fit bottom brackets and custom geometries for a truly bespoke bicycle.

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