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Just Ride It Ltd offers a quality range of single speed and fixed geared bikes that can also be designed and built to your specifications. We supply lightweight, single gear bikes that are precision engineered to offer the perfect balance of speed, power and handling. They offer advanced aerodynamics and high vertical compliance. Join the many satisfied JRI customers here in the UK and in Australia – where the Just Ride It brand was born.


ALL our bikes are hand built and fully tested from component form in the UK by skilled engineers. Our bikes are not partially built in the Far East and then simply shipped on to you. We go through every single little detail of the bike from the wheel spokes to the torque setting of the stem bolts. We take great pride in what we build because we want you to get many years of use and enjoyment from your bike.

If the bike is shipped to you, it will be delivered in a sturdy box, 90% built and ready for assembly. Assembly is a simple process involving attaching handlebars, seat and pedals requiring a minimum amount of tools and skill. Safety is of critical importance so it would be wise to employ a skilled bicycle mechanic to assemble your bike if you are in any doubt regarding this process.

Custom Builds

All of our single speed bikes can be customised to suit your preferences. If you want to take our standard range of bikes to another level, or even just tweak the colour, contact us with details of your ideal custom fixie and we will build it to your specification. We can do pretty much anything on the frame colour, wheel types and accessories to suit your desires and requirements. Get the bespoke bike of your dreams at a very competitive price.

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