12 - 14 May 2017, Olympia - London

Kit and Ace was created for people who love to move and understand how technical clothing should perform, people who are spoiled by the comfort and movement of athletic apparel and find it hard to wear anything else. We brought the comfort and performance of your gym clothes to your street clothes so you never have to sacrifice functionality for style.


Reach the top shelf without untucking your shirt.

Go straight from napping on the flight to closing the deal.

Lounge, lunge or lunch – all in the same outfit.

Run for the bus, miss it, and run the rest of the way home.

Use the drop handlebars on your bike commute (it’s okay, your armpit seams will be fine).

Drop a squat to change a tire.

Pull your sleeves up, and put them down again (they won’t lose their shape).

Powerwalk in a pencil skirt.

Never, ever interrupt your day to change your clothes.

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