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Avid cyclist, runner and entrepreneur David Guthrie first came across bocadillos whilst reading an article about the history of Colombian cycling, how they come wrapped in a leaf, are 100% natural, and give a huge energy boost. A seed was sown. After tasting his first bocadillo it became David’s mission to bring bocadillos to a new, wider audience.

He created the brand Lucho Dillitos After a trip to Colombia, to finalise production he launched the brand in Hong Kong using it as a test market. The reaction was amazing and now interest and demand is coming from far and wide.

Lucho Dillitos are wrapped in a dry leaf, a natural and biodegradable wrapper leaving no trace at the side of the road.¬†Each block provides carbohydrates and are a practical way of getting that all important energy boost! The main ingredient is Guava, considered by many a super-fruit, packed with vitamins and minerals as well as being a great source of energy.¬†They are small, stash easily in pockets and don’t melt or stick together. They are a natural product, no additives, no preservatives and nothing man-made – including the individual packaging.

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