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New to Spin and new to any bike show in the UK this year is the Office Fitness range of Fitbikes –  stationary bikes for desk workers.


The health of sedentary office workers is a cause for concern with many studies showing office staff as the least healthy across all industry sectors. Promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace not only delivers positive results for employees but for businesses too, boosting engagement and productivity.

Guidance published by Public Health England has previously recommended employers take steps to make office spaces more active. The reputable organisation noted that it could improve both productivity and profitability in several ways, such as reducing sickness in employees by promoting a healthier lifestyle. Prolonged sitting can increase the risk of cardiometabolic diseases and premature death but the experts at Office Fitness have come up with a range of products to address the issue, including its Fitbike range, perfectly suited to the office environment.

Paul Matthews, Director of Office Fitness, said, “Spending all day sitting down isn’t only poor for the health of office workers around the UK, it’s bad for businesses too. Creating an environment that allows for being active can stimulate the brain, helping workers improve their focus and output as well as health. Prolonged sitting is an increasing concern and one that forward-thinking businesses should be looking to address now.”

The Office Fitness Fitbike range has been designed with office space in mind. It’s compact and noiseless design means it’s the ideal active working addition to an office, allowing staff to work actively for periods, taking a break from harmful passive sitting. Any area that demands sitting for extended periods of time, such as contact centers or training firms, can use Fitbikes to create a physical, dynamic environment. The under desk exerciser bike provides a low impact cardiovascular workout, allowing staff to tone their hips, thighs, legs, and glutes and increase their metabolism, all while conducting their usual daily tasks. The range also includes two workstation models that have built in laptop stands making it a standalone alternative to Treadmill desks which firms often see as the main way of offering workers active working options.

The fitness equipment, which is also suitable for home environments, features oversized pedals, safety straps and  cushioned backrests  to provide comfort and accommodates users from 5’1” to 6’4” tall. The magnetic resistance can be micro-adjusted to allow each user to tailor it their needs. Office Fitness has an extensive range of products that are ideal for encouraging active behaviours in the workplace and creating a more engaged workforce.

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