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Pure Cycles; quality built Fixed Gear, Single-Speed, City Bikes, Road Bikes, Urban Commuter Bikes and Cruisers designed in Los Angeles.

Pure Cycles name captures their mission: cycling at its purest. Quality built fixed gear bikes, directly from the manufacturer to you. All bicycles come in a variety of attractive color schemes, from classic to avant-garde, the selection is always rotating. Although many fixed gear bicycles lack brakes, all Pure Cycles bikes are equipped with removable front and rear brakes, to ensure that even the most inexperienced rider can enjoy the pleasures of riding a fixie, right out of the box.

New products available in 2017


From mountain passes to desert valleys, there no terrain you can’t conquer on the Road Series. Geared up for the aggressive climbing, blistering descents and straight-off-the-line-speed.


The Urban series is geared up for commuting, climbing and cutting through traffic. Lightweight, a little racy and ready to roll. Whatever city you call home, this bike will help you crush the commute and take the dreary out of the day-to-day.


Slip around town without breaking a sweat. Hurry up the hills, grab all the groceries and max the mileage like you’ve got super-powers thanks to the pedal-pushing support of a sleekly integrated electric motor and long-lasting battery. This is life on two wheels made easy.

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