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From passion to pedal.

QUOC believes in simple innovation, to create a shoe that effortlessly moulds the foot to the pedal.

“Our shoes eliminate one more distraction from your ride and allow you to focus on the journey ahead”.

QUOC designed the first Quoc cycling shoes to meet a simple brief – something you are as comfortable wearing in a bar as you are on a bike.

“Over the years, our range has expanded to meet the different demands of different riders, but our ethos remains the same. Beautifully made, stylish shoes that cyclists love wearing – wherever they need to be.”

Performance on a bike means getting everything right – from the first burst of energy to the final push over the finish line.

An intuitive combination of high quality materials and classic leather-working techniques sets QUOC cycling shoes apart.

Genuine leather uppers are stitched to withstand the rigours of cycling, then sculpted and hand lasted by our skilled craftsmen who make precise adjustments to accommodate for the uniqueness of each leather hide. A balances hardened midsole is incorporated to create an ergonomic fit that is sturdy yet flexible to provide maximum comfort on and off the bike.

“A fundamental step in our shoe-making process is to add a richness and depth to the leather through deep polishing to initialize a patina that will only improve with time and wear. The final product is a handcrafted shoe that, with proper care, will gain distinguished character and come to feel like an extension of your foot on the pedal.”

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