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Since 2012, Selva have focused their work on rediscovering wood, ancient material and renewables with exceptional structural characteristics in the production of bicycles.

A wooden bicycle made by Selva provides an unmatched physical sensation, harmonised with the anatomy of the body and nature. A unique and incomparable pleasant drive, unattainable with other conventional material used in bicycle manufacturing.

Selva at Spin Cycling Festival 

Dino, the new wood lowrider from Selva, will be presented for the first time at Spin Cycling Festival!

Comfort is a must for all of Selva’s products thanks to the engineered wooden characteristics of all frames. Dino, is the new low-rider that takes inspiration from the big reptiles that have dominated Planet Earth for 150 millions years.

With the same nonchalance of big reptiles, no matter what terrain or conditions, the wooden frame and super-fat tires are able to dominate sand, snow, mud or anything you need to overcome.

The wooden frame absorbs shocks and the 3.00” fat tires, like a plough, enables it to cope with almost any surface. Dino is also equipped with 3 speed gear-hubs and the select-a-hub shifter from Boxkars which gives it a relaxed ride.

Seating comfort is accounted for by a heavy duty saddle in leather, featuring double rear coil springs and a double loop front spring.

Selva will offer free shipping costs on all products, with 20% every order made during Spin Cycling Festival!

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