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SMINNO is a German start up that develops innovative and sustainable smartphone accessories which are being produced in Germany, and fit with every smartphone and function without energy. The products are designed to offer more flexibility, independence, fun and convenience to all smartphone users. With the CESAcruise hands-free kit for bicycles, SMINNO has developed a product that integrates the smartphone to the handlebar and offers a safe and comfortable solution to modern cyclists.

SMINNO was founded by the two brothers Khesrau and Sohrab Noorzaie from Kassel, Germany. They were also awarded as Hessen Champions 2016 in the category Innovation, which is a German regional business award.

SMINNO at Spin Cycling Festival

SMINNO will exhibit in the UK for the first time at Spin Cycling Festival!

Exhibiting the CESAcruise hands-free kit for bicycles, offering a special discount as well as the CESAcruise RAINcover.


CESAcruise is the world’s first hands-free system for bicycles. Whether phoning, listening to music or using navigation and fitness apps – CESAcruise enables users to safely and comfortably use their smartphone while riding the bike and to keep both hands on the handlebar without any distraction from the road.
Designed to shield the microphone so that you can phone via the hands-free function without any wind noise. Based on the principle of passive audio amplification, the smartphone holder amplifies sound only through its innovative design and enables cyclists to listen to music and navigation, without any energy supply, headset or other electronic devices.

Thus, the cyclist can recognize surrounding sounds while enjoying the smartphone sound. Additionally, with the models in White, Yellow and Transparent, you can create another front light when using the smartphone LED so that you are more visible during night rides.

The mount system also contains a slot to insert a charging cable for the smartphone or to charge via powerbank.

On rainy days, the smartphone can be protected with the CESAcruise RAINcover case which is provided with a double seal and still allows to use the touch function of the display.

CESAcruise universally fits with all current smartphones with a display size of 3 to 6.4 inch.

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