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The Slow Cyclist is a UK-based cycle tour company that takes small groups of discerning travellers on incredible group and tailor-made cycling holidays in Transylvania, Rwanda and Georgia.

The Slow Cyclist believe travel is worth taking time over; that a great holiday means getting under the skin of a place by delving into its cuisine, history, customers and getting to know its people.

Whether you like pottering along dusty back-roads, across rich wildflower meadows or charging up soaring mountains, you’ll get the most out of your time in, and out of the saddle.

Brand Story

The Slow Cyclist’s story began in 2009 when, dissatisfied with a career as a London-based chartered surveyor, Oli Broom quit his job, bought a bike and cycled to Australia to watch the Ashes cricket series. It took 412 days which means that, by any definition, Oli is a bonafide slow cyclist. A book followed: Cycling to the Ashes: A Cricketing Odyssey from London to Brisbane was called ‘marvellous’ by Stephen Fry, while The Cricketer magazine said it was ‘a moving, well-paced and thrilling story.’ Ian Botham said he thought it was pathetic that Oli didn’t cycle home again. When he did get home (by plane), Oli began dreaming up places to take others on incredible, albeit much shorter, bicycle-powered adventures. The Slow Cyclist is the result.

Products the Slow Cyclist are bringing to the show

1. Cycling Journeys


At The Slow Cyclist we focus our Transylvania cycling holidays on exploring its beautifully preserved, largely untouched Saxon (German) and Szekler (Hungarian) villages. Cradled in the horseshoe of the Carpathian Mountains, both regions are home to rich wildflower meadows, wonderfully preserved architecture, friendly and hospitable local people and a way of life that has changed little for 800 years. Europe’s largest populations of bear, wolf and lynx hide in the forests too.
The cycling in this part of the world is phenomenal, with little or no traffic on the roads we find ourselves on. We design trips for all ages and fitness levels, with distances varying from 20 – 50 miles a day, generally on a range of surfaces from smooth tarmac back roads to rough horse and cart tracks and rolling singletrack.

Various Dates from April to October

Private & Tailor-Made Journeys April to October


A mountainous, landlocked gem in the most fertile corner of Africa, Rwanda is a lush land of green sprawling hills and smoking volcanoes made famous by Gorillas in the Mist. Our founder Oli Broom recently lived there for two years and knows it back-to-front, especially on two wheels. It is an epic, undiscovered place for a cycling adventure, full of friendly locals way off the tourist trail and, of course, it has the added draw of being home to some of the last mountain gorillas on the planet. We work with local friends and guides to lead small group & tailor-made tours and challenges.

Group Journeys: 14 October 2017, 20 January 2018, 17 February 2018

Private & Tailor-Made Journeys any time except April.


Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, bordered to the north by the magnificent Caucasus Mountains, gifted with a long and ancient history, and claimed to be the birthplace of wine making, Georgia is one of the most fascinating places we’ve ever been. Our cycling and hiking journeys take you into the heart into the Kakheti Valley, home to the oldest wine region and to the awe-inspiring Tusheti National Park amid glorious peaks capped with wildflowers high up in the Caucasus Mountain range. We will enjoy unrivalled Georgian hospitality in private homes, bathe in thermal sulphur baths, visit ancient monasteries and churches and eat and drink like kings.

Group Journeys: 10 June

Private & Tailor-Made Journeys June to October

2. Slow Cyclist T-Shirts

A limited collection of stylish men and ladies t-shirts for everyday wear. They’re medium fit, 100% organic cotton and come in navy and heather grey (with electric pink bike logo) and white (with black logo).

T-shirts can be pre-ordered and picked up at the show. Just add “Spin2017” to get your 20% show discount.


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