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VOLATA arrives for the first time in London to introduce a bunch of talented illustrators from Barcelona

In July 2013, two journalists and one cinema producer joined to share their love to cycling by creating VOLATA, a quarterly cycling magazine that bets on good reports, good photography, good design and good illustration.

Since then, 10 issues have been published, each one dedicated to a central topic, like cycling offroad, bike and social revolutions, or places and cities like London, Girona or The Pyrenees, among others. Besides high journalism standards, each magazine aspires to have a functional aesthetics and an astonishing cover illustrated by renowned artists and painters from Barcelona that shows the city’s current creativity good health.

At the Spin Cycling, we’ll bring nine different prints based on our covers and printed in 250 grs paper that represent the love and passion for cycling. In addition, some of the original works of art that from the covers were based on will be sold exclusively for Spin visitors.

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