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VONCRANK is an on-demand bicycle repair app. The “AA/Uber” for bicycles bringing the bike shop to you.

The VONCRANK platform connects cyclists to local, vetted bicycle mechanics within a 3-mile radius, on-demand at work, home or the roadside.The cyclist receives a premium service without the premium.

It is VONCRANK’S mission to tear down the barriers that exist to today’s cyclist and provide them with an innovative solution to an age old problem. This ties in with VONCRANK’S socially responsible mission statement to make cycling open to everyone.

VONCRANK meets the needs of today’s bicycle users who lack the mechanical knowledge when an issue arises with their bike. With more people discovering the massive benefits of cycling than ever before, a huge barrier to entry still exists when the modern consumer needs a bike service or repair. These barriers include the bricks and mortar nature of the traditional bike shop which is limited by it’s geographical location, the long waiting lists and the major logistical issue of getting the bike to and from the store.


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