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The Urban Cycle Show → The Sorting Office, New Oxford St, WC1 → 8th – 10th May, 2015


News | Spin London 2015 | The Urban Cycle Show → The Sorting Office, New Oxford St, WC1 → 8th – 10th May, 2015

Urban Cyclist Magazine features Spin LDN

Following our last Christmas event last December; Urban Cyclist magazine highlighted their top picks for the show. See below for all the lowdown from the mag!

Eliza Southwood – Workshops to feature at Spin LDN

Sussex Downs
Sussex Downs

Eliza Southwood is back at Spin LDN this Spring!

Learn how to screen print an image onto paper. We will be printing a two colour cycling themed print which you can then take home with you. Eliza’s cycling themed screen prints can be seen here: http://www.elizasouthwood.com/portfolios/screen-prints-cycling-2/

In addition there will be a Coffee Peloton workshop: have a go at drawing with coffee, combining art, coffee and cycling! We will be stamping wheels onto paper with coffee mugs and then Eliza will show you how to draw the cyclists. http://coffeepeloton.com/ 

Not to be missed and rolling throughout the event, discounted tickets still available here.

Coffee Peloton
Coffee Peloton

The ‘Us and them’ attitude isn’t helping cycling

by Luke McLaughlin

The rise of the affordable video camera has changed the world, and it’s certainly transformed the cycling debate.

Every day in London there are thousands of cyclists roaming the streets with a camera strapped to their helmets or bike frames – and it throws up some footage that we can’t help but watch.

Every day – mostly on cycling websites, but increasingly on mainstream news websites – you can watch cyclists being punched, knocked off, cut up, or miraculously cheating death in a near-miss with a vehicle.

In some ways this is a good thing – certainly when it means that a violent thug like this is forced to answer for his actions.

But it seems there is something else fuelling the appetite for these stories: anger and frustration. Some cyclists want to watch motorists acting like idiots, because they regard them as the enemy. In their eyes, motorists are irresponsible, dangerous, careless – and every new piece of video evidence reinforces that view.

It’s click-bait for the cycling websites and it’s lucrative business. Videos of car-driving idiocy and cyclists in peril often sit at the top of ‘Most Watched’ links modules.

More video views, more page views, more eyes on the content = more advertising revenue. But what is that actually doing to solve the problems on our roads?

Of course no-one is going to watch a video called ‘Motorist safely overtakes cyclist, giving plenty of room.” But a lot of this coverage – particularly in the cycling media – increasingly takes an ‘us and them’ attitude. That is not helping.

Part of the problem is that everyone thinks they are better than they are. Many drivers – mostly men – are convinced they are technically superb when it comes to driving a car. It’s almost never true. The same goes for cyclists, some of whom are so quick to point the finger of blame at car drivers.

Take the example of the shocking assault in the video above. Clearly there is absolutely zero justification for the van driver’s violent actions – but the cyclist’s decision to try and squeeze through the junction in front of the van, as a vehicle turns left in front of them, is hardly sensible either. If he chooses to hang back for a second there is no problem.

During a recent appearance on Channel 4 News, London taxi boss Steve McNamara said that cars and bikes don’t go together. This is clearly nonsense: they would go together just fine with a more responsible attitude from everyone: car drivers, lorry drivers and cyclists alike.

As road users, we all have a fundamental responsibility to each other and that applies to every group. Instead of focusing on the differences between different types of road users we should focus on the similarities: everyone wants to get from A to B as quickly and safely as possible.

At Spin London 2015, at The Sorting Office on New Oxford Street, 8th-10th May, we are to host a debate on cycling safety. We want to bring people together from all sides of the debate – cyclists, motorists, journalists and legislators – and discuss how we can move the debate forward and make things safer.

The video footage will keep on coming, but the ‘Us and them’ attitude is definitely not helping.

Do you want to join the debate? Follow Spin London on Twitter, like us on Facebook, buy tickets to Spin London here and keep an eye on this website in the coming weeks …


Spotlight on Velocity Cycling clothing

Meet Carolyn Gaskell, she say hi!
Meet Carolyn Gaskell, she say hi!

Spins’ secret squirrel Alison has a chat with the founder of Velocity Cycle Wear, Carolyn Gaskell.

What does cycling mean to you?  

Cycling has always been an important part of my life in London. It’s more than just a daily mode of transport it’s a big part of my life and my identity! I’m lost without my bike…

How long have you been cycling and how often do you manage to get out?

I rediscovered cycling when I moved to London 15 years ago. In a big city like London, walking is not always a realistic option. Cycling enabled me the freedom of the city!

What kind of bike do you ride? Are there any specific brands you would recommend to Woman riders?

After many years riding a fixed wheel bike around London, I decided I needed a few gears. I now have two bikes – a vintage Koga Miyata road bike, and a Trek Madone for my more ‘serious’ cycling. 

What inspired you to start Velocity? I was frustrated by the lack of choice in the women’s urban cycle clothing market. I couldn’t find what it was that I wanted to wear and I decided to do something about it. The good thing about this approach is that i’m really passionate about the products I design. 

What’s your best selling item and why do we need it in our lives? Our best selling item is climber trousers. They are a straight cut stretch cotton drill trouser with a range of cycling specific features. They include a diamond gusset – for comfort and reflective trim – for safety. They are practical for cycling in, but look just as good in the office (or in the pub…)

Who need's a door when you can move a wall?
Who need's a door when you can move a wall?

Do you think Womens needs are catered for more in cycling since Velocity began or have we still got a long way to go?

We have only been going for 16 months and I think things are moving in a positive direction. I think the most important thing for women’s cycling is to provide more choice – not all women are the same size and shape, and not all women do the same sorts of cycling. 

As an everyday urban cyclist, what law would you bring in if you could be in charge for a day? (lets keep this cycle related!) That’s tricky! I think I would insist that all motorists have a go at cycling in London. I believe that I am a safer cyclist because I drive, and a safer driver because I cycle. So I should also get all the cyclists who have never driven in London to try that too!

The Climber - rrp £75 form Velocity Cyclewear
The Climber - rrp £75 form Velocity Cyclewear

What’s your biggest personal cycling achievement? Quite some years ago, I cycled from Whitehaven to Sunderland for charity on what was effectively a Ladies Shopper. It was the heaviest bike I have ever ridden!

What products are you most looking forward to showing off at this May’s Spin London event? We have a new soft-shell jacket that we are really proud of. So we’ll probably be most looking forward to showing that off! Oh, and we have some LTD edition red shorts which we think are pretty special too!

What’s next for Velocity? We are always listening to our customers, so we try to bring out LTD runs of our products if enough people ask for them. We’ve also got a small, but solid range of items now, and we’re looking to consolidate the brand and work with a few more suppliers. 

See more of Velocity here.

See you at Spin!
See you at Spin!

Single Cyclists Rejoice!

Cycle Speed dating hits Spin LDN
Cycle Speed dating hits Spin LDN

We catch up with organiser of Cycle Speed Dating, making it’s debut at Spin LDN this year to find out what it’s all about.

Who are you & what’s your ride of choice?

I am Margriet, founder and organiser of Cycle Speed Dating in London. I ride a Surly LHT.

Why speed dating? Why for cyclists?

Speed dating is a great way to meet new people, offline. The short dates are a good opportunity to find out if you would like to see someone again. We do the matchmaking and email everyone their matches so you don’t have to worry about taking the first step or telling someone you like them.

After a break-up I was looking to meet other cyclists in London as it’s just the best way to explore the city and can be quite romantic too! As I couldn’t really find any events I decided to start Cycle Speed Dating and we’ve been running events at Look Mum No Hands! for just over a year now. 

I don’t have to tell you cyclists are a lovely bunch so we usually have a room full of like-minded people.

Rock, Scissors, Paper never looked so hot!
Rock, Scissors, Paper never looked so hot!

What’s the best thing that’s happened at one of your events? 

We often have people coming up or emailing after the event to thank us for putting it on, telling us how relaxed and fun it was.  

Sometimes we find that people don’t want to move after the three minutes we give them together, they have too much fun! We’ve also heard of people going on a bike ride together as a follow-up date, which is pretty sweet. 

We’ve had a few celebrities joining us, including Super Cycling Man, who is going to be the first person cycling seven continents in a super hero costume.

A happy Margriet and her steed
A happy Margriet and her steed
and, she's off!
and, she's off!

How long have you been cycling in London?

As a Dutchie I have been cycling for most of my life but during my first three years in London I would only go for bike rides around my neighbourhood. Let’s say I was a little intimidated by the busy roads, huge busses and cycling on the left.

It all changed when I became a bicycle tour guide during the Olympic Games and kind of re-discovered cycling. It’s been my favourite way to get around ever since.

What makes London an interesting place to live and ride a bike?

To me London is a place where everything is possible. As a person who loves learning, exploring and starting things up, I feel it’s the best place to be at this time of my life.

There are many back-roads, wonderful canals and parks to cycle in. On a day off I like to just ride north, east, south or west – without using maps – and stop at a nice pub or café to refuel.

My favourite routes include Lime house to Hackney Wick along the canal and cycling from Central London to my home in the East, taking in Tower Bridge and a bit of the Roman wall which is hiding in an alleyway next to a hotel but just wide enough for me and my bike.

What should participants expect at Spin, what are the rules?

When you join us for Cycle Speed Dating you will go on several three-minute dates with fellow cyclists. Our team will make sure everything runs smoothly and we will ring a bicycle bell when it’s time to meet the next person. There is no dress code just come as your are. At the end you put your choices on the form and we will email your matches a few days later. A ticket for Cycle Speed Dating will include entry to Spin LDN – The Urban Cycle Show, those interested get them for Friday May 8th here & Saturday May 9th here.


partake in some illuminating cycling conversations..
partake in some illuminating cycling conversations..

The Interview – Temple Cycles

Spin spoke to fresh, Bristol based bike brand Temple cycles whom are debuting their bikes at Spin LDN this May.

Who are you? 

There are currently three of us, myself (Matt), sidekick Jimmy and intern Sam. We don’t really know what’s going on, so we just stick to bikes.

What’s Temple? Why now?

Temple Cycles is a Bristol based bicycle producer. We combine our skills of engineering, design and shameless self-promotion to cobble together two wheel contraptions and flog them for as much as we can…or you might think they are pretty good value and well made.

We started trading in 2014, and want to make nice bikes for people to cherish, look after and keep for generations. We love classic bicycle style, and keep our bikes simple and minimal. Our bikes are not one-trick ponies, they are practical and versatile with every small detail carefully designed. 

Cycling is going from strength to strength in Bristol, the cyclists are starting to take over the streets!   This is also helped by the fact that Bristol is international Green capital for 2015. We thought that it would be great to start a bike company here, but the only problem is it’s pretty dam hilly. We don’t sell a lot of our single speeds!

A rather chuffed Matt & Jimmy, with a penchant for pendants
A rather chuffed Matt & Jimmy, with a penchant for pendants

If a crisp inspired you, what flavour would it be and why?

Crips…what a great invention. So much variety, and only one flavour to choose as an inspiration. It would have to be salt an vinegar, not Walkers though, something with a little more crunch please. Why? Goes well with a pickled egg any day of the week.

Last supper, who with and where, reasons..?

Steve peat, downhill mountain bike legend. Lauren Lavern, as I listen to her everyday in the workshop on 6music and she can select the tunes. Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who made most of the best things in Bristol. We’d have a picnic on the grass by Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Finally back to the bikes & Spin LDN in May, what should visitors expect from your brand/bikes?

We will be bringing a selection of bikes for you to check out and test ride. We will have our classic ladies’ and gents’ models for sale, as well as some custom show bikes with all the bells and whistles. We are going to have our leather accessories for sale too, and we’re even thinking of doing a raffle. Everyone loves a good raffle.

They certainly do chaps, looking forward to it! We will be catching up with Temple again in April. AD

Match your bike to the colour of your door.
Match your bike to the colour of your door.
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