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Drum Roll…

LCC Awards
LCC Awards

SPIN Nominated, we need your vote!

We are pleased to announce that SPIN London has been nominated for a prestigious London Cycling award.

Organised by the London Cycling Campaign (LCC), the awards celebrate the best of cycling culture in the capital. There are five categories open to the public vote. Spin London has been nominated in the best event category.

If you enjoyed two weekends ago, please do vote for us in the awards

We genuinely appreciate your support in attending our events and appreciate any votes.

Spin London – Awesome Point Of View Video

Thanks for coming to Spin London 2015

Thanks to all who made it to Spin London 2015
Thanks to all who made it to Spin London 2015

Thank you to everyone who made it to Spin London 2015 at The Sorting Office.

It was a great atmosphere throughout the three days of Spin London’s latest celebration of cycling culture.

Thanks to all our visitors, exhibitors, staff and event partners who all helped to create a fantastic event.

It was undoubtedly the best ever Spin London and we look forward to bringing you more cycling culture, fashion, art and innovation very soon.

As a visitor was head to remark on Friday night, “It’s like a great party with a cool bike show attached.”

Sign up for Spin London’s emails for news and information on our plans for the coming months.

Use #SpinLDN on social media for all photos, videos and memories from the weekend!

The Spin London team appreciates all your support and we look forward to seeing you at the next event.

Last chance to see Spin LDN!

Welcome to the third and final day of Spin London 2015. We’ve had a blast so far this weekend – thanks to everyone who’s made it to the show –  we’re determined to sign off in style!


There is an incredible amount to see and do at Spin London. Bikes, fashion, accessories, technology, art and illustration, coffee, craft beer and delicious food and music from the Spin LDN DJs.

We’re open until 4pm today so get down here for a final fix of Spin London action – The Sorting Office | 21-31 New Oxford Street | London WC1A 1AP!

Welcome to Spin LDN 2015

Welcome to Spin LDN 2015 – the Urban Cycle Show.

For three days this May we will be celebrating the best of cycling culture at The Sorting Office for Spin London 2015. Almost every conceivable type of bike, plus fashion, art and illustration, technology and the latest design will be on show in the heart of London’s shopping district.

Cycling is becoming more ingrained in our culture – in the UK, Europe and across the world – and as a result fascinating things are happening in the world of innovation and design. We’re excited to bring you our biggest ever show and hope you enjoy the array of exhibits that we’ve brought together .

There’s a lot to see: from the virtual reality world of ebove by Activetainment (never before seen in the UK) to the Vélowland Shiny Demon time trial bike, to the wooden bikes of Flat Frame Systems and the ultra-fun, ultra-modern Swifty Scooters, we have genuinely innovative and interesting cycling products here, all under one roof.

Check out the brilliant Urban range from Canyon Bikes, the Rapha Cinema (a chance to win a signed Bradley Wiggins jersey) and then get snapped in the Eroica Britannia photo booth.

Grab a coffee or a beer from Peloton & Co. or a pulled pork delight from BBQ Lab and listen to the Spin London DJs spinning tunes all weekend.

Head to the Hall of Frame to see unique and original frames that you won’t find anywhere else. Check out the 400metre basement test track, or wander to the Makers’ Lounge for a Q and A with ITV’s Ned Boulting – or Sky Yeager from Shinola Detroit.

There is an incredible amount to see and do at Spin LDN. We hope you enjoy visiting as much as we’ve enjoyed putting this show together. We’re a small team and we truly appreciate your support.

As someone was heard to say on Friday night: “It’s like a great party with a cool bike show attached …”

Thank you and we hope you have a fantastic weekend at Spin London – from all the Spin London team.

Opening times: 12pm-8pm Friday, 10am-6pm Saturday, 10am-4pm Sunday.

8th-10th May | The Sorting Office | 21-31 New Oxford Street | London WC1A 1AP  

The Sorting Office | 21-31 New Oxford Street | London WC1A 1AP
The Sorting Office | 21-31 New Oxford Street | London WC1A 1AP

Art Hub Special: Spin London

We have some incredible art at Spin London 2015 in The Sorting Office W1 this weekend. Come and check out the most original and talented artists creating cycling-themed work …

BikeLADY by Pol, A2 420mm x 594mm, £50, 2 Colour Screen Print,
BikeLADY by Pol, A2 420mm x 594mm, £50, 2 Colour Screen Print,
Chain Oil and Chimichangas by Marco Lawrence, 500mm x 700mm, £80
Chain Oil and Chimichangas by Marco Lawrence, 500mm x 700mm, £80
Chopper by Beach, 420mm x 594mm,
Chopper by Beach, 420mm x 594mm,
Coffee Peleton by Eliza Southwood
Coffee Peleton by Eliza Southwood
Dunwich Dynamo by Simon Fitzmaurice, 500mm x 700mm, £60
Dunwich Dynamo by Simon Fitzmaurice, 500mm x 700mm, £60
Le Tour de France 2013 by Massif Central, £125 unframed £245 framed
Le Tour de France 2013 by Massif Central, £125 unframed £245 framed
Ride Hard by Rose Stallard, 500mm x 700mm, £40
Ride Hard by Rose Stallard, 500mm x 700mm, £40
Track Cyclist by Lino Cycles,, £50
Track Cyclist by Lino Cycles,, £50
Biker by Oli Fowler, 500mm x 700mm, £70
Biker by Oli Fowler, 500mm x 700mm, £70

Five fashion hits at Spin LDN 2015

Findra: A fashion-led, performance-driven bike wear apparel brand  specifically for women
Findra: A fashion-led, performance-driven bike wear apparel brand specifically for women
Pilgrim Cycling Co. will have coffee by Casa Espresso and an 8-Ball Bike collaboration
Pilgrim Cycling Co. will have coffee by Casa Espresso and an 8-Ball Bike collaboration
Bee Clo: Fusing fashion, form and function - they return at Spin LDN 2015
Bee Clo: Fusing fashion, form and function - they return at Spin LDN 2015
Huez* - performance and style for the competitive road racer, everyday cyclist anyone who just likes to have fun on their bikes
Huez* - performance and style for the competitive road racer, everyday cyclist anyone who just likes to have fun on their bikes
Route Clothing: an ethical cycle wear label based in Scotland
Route Clothing: an ethical cycle wear label based in Scotland

Six of the best at Spin London 2015

Yesterday we brought you “Top five things to see and do at Spin London”

Today we bring you Six of the Best: six things you really need to see when you come to The Sorting Office, New Oxford Street this weekend.

We hope you’re as excited as we are … Get your Spin London 2015 tickets here and we’ll see you soon

Post Workshop. Pretty!
Post Workshop. Pretty!
"The Belgian" by Lino Cycles. Enough said
The Vélowland Shiny Demon - a time trial triumph all the way from The Netherlands
The Vélowland Shiny Demon - a time trial triumph all the way from The Netherlands
Gi Bike. Check it!
Gi Bike. Check it!
A simply stunning piece of woodwork by Mike Cubbage of Flat Frame Systems
A simply stunning piece of woodwork by Mike Cubbage of Flat Frame Systems
Temple Cycles. Beautiful
Temple Cycles. Beautiful

Spin London 2015 in the news

See Eliza Southwood's brilliant work at Spin London 2015 this weekend
See Eliza Southwood's brilliant work at Spin London 2015 this weekend

Spin London 2015 takes place at The Sorting Office on New Oxford Street this weekend. Buy tickets

Look out for an article on the coolest exhibits at Spin London 2015 in today’s Evening Standard! (Thursday 7th May)

Meanwhile, here’s a selection of news coverage, previews and competitions from the past couple of weeks and months …

Virtual reality cycling and finely crafted bikes at Spin London (video) (Cycling Weekly)

Eight ways to make the most of cycling in London this summer (Time Out London blog)

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Spin London: Here are the hottest new wheels taking centre stage at the urban cycle show (Evening Standard)

121 magnificent things to do in London this May (Time Out London)

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Spin London 2015 – a preview of London’s urban cycle show (

Countdown to Spin, London’s urban cycle show (London Cycling Campaign)

Not your average cycle show (Interview with Detour Blog)

Spin London 2015: 8th-10th May (Discerning Cyclist)

Spin London – Urban Cycling Festival (London 24)

Spin London – the urban cycle show returns (Londonist)

Win an urban cycling kit worth more than £1,000 thanks to Spin London (Guardian Extra)

Spin London – the urban cycle show comes to central London (

Brunch and bike ride with Shinola (London Cycling Campaign)

Spin London cycle show returns for 2015 (Cycling Weekly)

Spin London returns (BikeBiz)

Fifth Spin London heads to the West End (BikeBiz)

Spin London 2015 is open for business from 12pm on Friday 8th May. Buy tickets

Opening times: 12pm-8pm Friday, 10am-6pm Saturday, 10am-4pm Sunday.

8th-10th May | The Sorting Office | 21-31 New Oxford Street | London WC1A 1AP

Top five things to see and do at Spin London 2015 8th-10th May

See a frame-building workshop from Donhou Bicycles in conjunction with London Craft Week
See a frame-building workshop from Donhou Bicycles in conjunction with London Craft Week


Hall of Frame: Live frame-building workshop featuring Donhou Bicycles and a wealth of beautiful, innovative frames …

Ned Boulting features on the line-up at Spin London on Sunday 10th May
Ned Boulting features on the line-up at Spin London on Sunday 10th May


Influential and inspirational figures from cycling: Martyn Ashton talks to Anna Glowinski (Saturday at 1pm), Ned Boulting Q and A (Sunday at 1pm). Full line-up here

ebove - virtual reality cycling - has never been seen before in the UK
ebove - virtual reality cycling - has never been seen before in the UK


Technology and innovation: ebove (virtual reality cycling), ARCC Innovations (battery-powered bikes), A2B e-Bikes and many more. Full exhibitor list here

Amazing art! Eliza Southwood is one of many brilliant artists at Spin LDN 2015
Amazing art! Eliza Southwood is one of many brilliant artists at Spin LDN 2015


Cycling-themed art and illustration: Eliza Southwood, Massif Central, Beach-O-Matic and more!

Peloton & Co will be pouring the beer ...
Peloton & Co will be pouring the beer ...


Peloton and Co. will supply craft beer and artisan coffee, once you’ve toured all our amazing exhibitors.

We’ll see you all at Spin London.

Buy your tickets here before they’re all gone


Spin London hits Detour Blog ahead of this weekend’s show at The Sorting Office

Mont Ventoux, in the Rhone Valley in Provence, where the Spin LDN team sometimes like to ride their bikes ...
Mont Ventoux, in the Rhone Valley in Provence, where the Spin LDN team sometimes like to ride their bikes ...

We sat down for a coffee and a chat about cycling – and specifically Spin London – with Detour Blog a few weeks ago.

How we got into cycling, where we see Spin London going, and where we particularly like to ride a bike (Mont Ventoux …)

A choice quote or two below – read the full interview here

“South London Saddles was one of the first things that really drew me in when I first attended SPIN when I was just a punter. That was one of the things I remember really going away and saying “yeah, that’d cool. That’s such a brilliant idea.” Increasingly I think people are after something unique, bespoke and something which is done with a lot of artistic flair that they wouldn’t be able to get from high street brands. Where else are you going to take a saddle and say “this is the design I want”? That’s the sort of thing that I think will grow in cycling because I think people want something a little bit different.”

“I rediscovered my passion for it through the coverage of the the Tour de France. I went out to Provence, and I tried and failed to ride up Mont Ventoux, which was tough. But I’ve got a passion for that area – I do go back to Avignon and cycle around and it’s fantastic.”

“As Chris Boardman says, 20 years ago, if you cycled to work you were regarded as a bit weird and a bit of a geek. Culturally, that’s completely flipped. If you ride your bike to work now you’re regarded as quite cool.”

Spin London 2015 begins at The Sorting Office on New Oxford Street, 12pm this Friday! See the full exhibitor list here and buy tickets here.

Sky flies to Spin LDN!

We are hyped to welcome Sky Jaeger whom is travelling to the UK to speak at Spin LDN this May.

Sky Yaeger has over 30 years of experience in the bike world spanning development, design and marketing for brands such as Bianchi, Spot Brand, Swobo Bikes, and Suntour Components.

A female in a heavily male-dominated industry, Yaeger’s Masters in Fine Arts is evident in the aesthetic of her bike designs. She joined Shinola Detroit (whom are showcasing at Spin LDN 15)  in 2012 to take the helm in production and design of a line of American-made steel bikes.

Sky will be making an appearance in the Makers’ Lounge over the weekend of the event, pre-sale tickets still on sale here now! She will also be appearing in store at Shinola on Sunday May 10th, for a very special event! 

Fine Art
Fine Art

Roll on to the Rollapaluza official after party!

Eroica Britannia heads for Spin London 2015

Eroica Britannia comes to Spin London 2015
Eroica Britannia comes to Spin London 2015

The Spin London 2015 team is delighted to be welcoming Eroica Britannia to the show for the first time.

They’ll be parking their vintage caravan photo booth at the heart of the show and snapping pictures of Spin visitors.

Enter their competition to win a limited edition John Smedley Man of Steel jersey, plus tickets to the three-day festival.

Handsome Eroica Britannia apparel will be on sale, samples of their famous Bakewell pudding will be on offer – not to mention plenty of stories from this Great British Adventure.

Gian Bohan, one of the event’s founders, said: “Eroica Britannia is excited to be coming to Spin London this year. It’s a great platform to engage with London cycle enthusiasts and spread the word and understanding of the Eroica Britannia ride and festival in the Peak District.”

Extra! Extra! Read all about our Guardian Extra competition

You could win a Canyon Urban bike if you enter our competition with Guardian Extra!
You could win a Canyon Urban bike if you enter our competition with Guardian Extra!

To celebrate the impending arrival of Spin London 2015 – at The Sorting Office on New Oxford Street, 8-10 May – we’ve teamed up with The Guardian to win a fantastic urban cycling kit including a bike from Canyon’s new urban range, two Barbour jackets and indoor bike storage.

The competition closes on 18 May – all you need to do is sign up to be a Guardian Extra member (takes 1minute and is free) and away you go.

Enter the competition here | Buy tickets for Spin London here

The prize:

Canyon Urban 4.0 SL (RRP £599)
Wherever you’re heading, with the Canyon Urban range you’re guaranteed to arrive in style.

Velo-oh Bag RRP £185
The Vel-Oh bag transforms from a totebag to a backpack for those who commute with style.

Cactus Tongue (RRP £129.99)
Cactus Tongue is the perfect storage solution for the urban cyclist with a beloved bike and little available storage space.

Hiplok GOLD: (RRP £84.99)
Hiplok’s highest security wearable bike lock to date: the ultimate choice for riders looking for the highest level of security in an easy to carry bike lock.

Barbour Hoodale Casual Jacket (RRP £129)

Made from a practical cotton-blend fabric, the Hoodale is a men’s casual jacket that’s perfect for throwing on when a lightweight extra layer is needed.

Barbour Bullpoint Quilt (RRP £169)

The Bullpoint is a bomber-style women’s quilted jacket with a bold printed lining inspired by Barbour’s maritime heritage.

Muc-Off Shower Scrub | Muc-Off Dry Shower | Muc-Off Dry Lube (RRP £12)

Enter the competition here

Spin London 2015 takes place at The Sorting Office, New Oxford Street, 8th-10th May
Spin London 2015 takes place at The Sorting Office, New Oxford Street, 8th-10th May

Norbert Haller Q and A: A2B e-Bike designer talks to Spin London

A2B designer Norbert Haller has had a passion for bikes and design since the mid-1980s
A2B designer Norbert Haller has had a passion for bikes and design since the mid-1980s

Ahead of A2B’s appearance at Spin London (8th-10th May at The Sorting Office) we caught up with award-winning e-Bike designer Norbert Haller for a chat about design, tech and cycling: three things that define Spin London.

How and why did you become a designer?

My passion for bicycles goes back to the mid-1980’s when I started racing BMX and MTB bikes. This gave me the bug and I wanted to find a way to put that passion into a career, and as I love design and technical products, I decided to study transportation design to turn my hobby into a job.

My early experience and style has gone on to influence the A2B e-bike designs in that the long-distance, full suspension and small wheels give a bit of a mountain bike/BMX/motocross look and feel. I also have a passion for classic motorcycles like the old Indians, Harleys and Vespa scooters. Their upright riding position, unhidden technology and artful workmanship have influenced the ergonomics of the A2B range and the attention to small details.

Is there a designer who particularly inspired you?

Robert Eggert, Specialized’s Creative Director. He has worked at Specialized since 1987, and in that time has created some really interesting concept bikes.

Is there something about the design of A2B e-Bikes you are particularly proud of?

A2B was one of the first e-Bike companies in the world. We led the market with innovative, award winning designs and smart technical solutions. I’m particularly proud to have played a part in advancing accessibility to cutting edge electric mobility.

Is there anything else about A2B bikes that Spin visitors should know?

Two of our models have completed the US ‘Coast to Coast’ cross-country challenge in record time as well as the ‘End to End’ in the UK (Land End to John O’Groats) with nothing more than a single puncture.

What impact will e-Bikes have on the market: in 20 years time will everyone be riding them?

e-Bikes and light electric vehicles will play a big part in the future of transportation. Increasingly we will see all types of vehicles powered by low emission, electric motors. Batteries will become more efficient in future and we will see charging infrastructures coming into cities. Not only a sustainable alternative mode of transport but fun as well.

What is the next big innovation in the cycling industry that we should look out for?

As the digital world steps into the bike world, electronics will offer new functions and possibilities for all types of bike. Now we are seeing electric shifting, electronic controlled suspension, smartphone applications for bikes but most of these units have separated systems, with a controller and batteries. It’s like the early days of mobile telecoms where we had a digital camera, phone and mp3 player: now it’s all combined into one smartphone. I think we will see the same ‘all in one’ products in in the bike industry. At A2B we are ahead of the pack in launching our eSocialBike app which goes a long way towards achieving this. Visitors to Spin London will be able to see it for themselves on our stand.

Aside from A2B, which exhibitor at Spin are you most interested in?

Canyon and Hövding – clever and stylish.

Where is your favourite place to ride a bike?

In an urban environment I love Berlin – you really feel the city’s spirit by cycling through small parks and sideways in a way that’s not possible in a car or by public transport. For country/mountain terrain my favourite places are Lake Garda for the stunning scenery and Gran Canaria for good weather in winter time – and great nature.

Thanks so much for your time, Norbert. We look forward to seeing you at Spin London, 8th-10th May at The Sorting Office on New Oxford Street. Tickets

The Obree by A2B: Named after Graeme Obree, The Flying Scotsman, who created radical bicycle designs and innovations
The Obree by A2B: Named after Graeme Obree, The Flying Scotsman, who created radical bicycle designs and innovations

Ned Boulting guest blog: I love cycling in London, and it’s cyclists making the difference

Ned Boulting comes to Spin London, Sunday 10th May
Ned Boulting comes to Spin London, Sunday 10th May

ITV’s intrepid Tour de France reporter Ned Boulting will be coming to Spin London on Sunday 10th May for a Q and A and book signing session. Here’s a guest blog by Ned on a decade of cycling in London, and how things are changing for the better – thanks to the cyclists …

In my decade of riding around London I’ve experienced a progression.

When I first started, I couldn’t conceive of riding around town without clipping in and wearing full lycra. Bit-by-bit I’ve changed the way I ride, in more ways than one.

I admit that I used to jump the odd red light, but I don’t anymore. I’ve made a journey as an individual and I think many cyclists have made the same progression. I think that’s what needs to happen to all of us.

I’ve just come back from Flanders and I didn’t see a single person cycling wearing a helmet. That’s grown-up. That’s where we need to be in London. More people hurt their heads falling down stairs …

As for infrastructure I think we can make better use of minor roads that run parallel to main roads, or allowing bikes up the reverse way of a one-way street in a segregated cycle lane. There are solutions. It doesn’t always have to be hammering up a cycle lane on the A12.

Things are getting better simply in terms of the numbers of cyclists. I was absolutely amazed by the numbers of people I saw every day through this long winter that we’ve just come out of. There was almost no-one 10 years ago – so people are sticking with it through thick and thin now.

We are making it better just through our numbers. It reaches that point in the mornings when it’s critical mass. Critical mass obliges motorists to wait. You can’t get past that many cyclists.

But none of the infrastructure changes have made a blind bit of difference. In South East London, which has woefully neglected in terms of cycle superhighways, I don’t know if they are even a useful thing.

If there is a positive change then it’s us that’s doing it. It’s the act of cycling, rather than the way the roads are being feebly redesigned or not redesigned. So far, that’s been the big change. It’s a familiarity thing. And by and large and I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have a wonderful experience.

I love cycling in London – but that’s largely in spite of, rather than because of, the way the city operates.

Come and see Ned Boulting at Spin London! Sunday 10th May, 1pm, The Sorting Office on New Oxford Street. BUY TICKETS

Ben Bowers – Cycling (and technically doping) helped me beat cancer

Ben Bowers for Movember
Ben Bowers for Movember

We are honoured to have Ben Bowers of Movember speaking at the show this May 8th in the makers’ lounge. Over to Ben for a brief synopsis of his cancer battle via cycling!

How cycling (and technically doping) helped me beat cancer 

Ben Bowers from Movember will talk us through his journey with Testicular Cancer and how riding has been so integral to his coping with, and recovery from, Chemotherapy as well as for coping with depression and anxiety brought on through his battle with cancer in his 20’s and 30’s. His is not a unique story with some bloke called Lance having a tale about testicular cancer and cycling a few years ago.. Some parallels can be drawn and Ben will explore some elements of the mental approach to cycling that greatly helped him in his greatest fight. His own personal “Tour de France” if you will. Ben only has two “Yellow Jerseys” from his battles but that is two more than the Movember Foundation believes men should have and Ben will explain a little of what Movember is doing to work towards a day when no man faces the same fight with Cancer that Ben and 1000’s of other young men do each year. 

Ben Bowers:

Ben Bowers has become part of the Movember UK family after sharing his story in 2010. Ben has battled testicular cancer twice at the age of 26 and 30, winning the fight on each occasion, but losing both testicles in the process. Early detection on the second occurrence meant that he was able to “get to work” on fathering his daughter Daisy. Unfortunately, it was too late to save the remaining testicle and as a result, Ben is “sans bollocks”. He has been a fantastic ambassador for Movember by inspiring men across the UK to check themselves to find any lumps or irregularities early. Ben (Now 35) joined the Movember team in 2013 full-time and works on the Corporate and Community Engagement Team. He also runs a support and social group for other testicular cancer sufferers in his spare time which they affectionately refer to as the “One Offs”. Ben has an honorary position in the group as currently the only “Both Off” member!

Ben also sits on Movember’s Research Advisory Committee for Testis Cancer. This group of the smartest minds in testicular cancer treatment and research guides Movember’s Programmes team on where to invest the Movember Fondation’s funds into Testis Cancer research and support services. Ben brings his lived experience to this forum. 

Cheer up! Cycling Cartoons from Dave Walker

20 reasons to love cycling
20 reasons to love cycling

Fresh from a 100 mile sportive we meet Cycling Cartoonist Dave Walker!

Hi Dave, firstly of all the art forms, what draws you to cartoons, why not painting or sculpture?

I’m essentially self-taught and started doing cartoons as a way to procrastinate whilst at college. I kept on drawing them and eventually sent some off to a publication, and progressed into being a freelance cartoonist from there. I’ve certainly always enjoyed other forms of art too, but I love cartooning as a means of cheering up someone’s day by making them laugh, whilst sometimes putting across a message too. It is a good feeling when they are shared online, knowing that people I will never meet have had a tiny cartoon-boost to their day.

You’re obviously into cycling , when and how did this passion begin and why focus many of your cartoons on this?

I’ve cycled for as long as I can remember, but started riding more seriously and doing races during my late teenage years and at university. Watching the Tour de France on Channel 4 and going to the newsagent to get ‘Cycling Weekly’ was a big part of it. As for the cartoons, I’ve always drawn cartoons about topics I know a reasonable amount about, so it seemed a natural direction to take. I haven’t drawn huge numbers of cycling cartoons yet, but have plans to do a lot more.

According to your blog you also draw ‘church’ cartoons, please elaborate.

Yes, I’ve been drawing church cartoons for over ten years for a newspaper and books of them have been published. Again, it is because it is something I know about and faith is important to me. Church, like cycling, has odd traditions and ways of doing things, and cartoons can help to make sense of them in a light-hearted way. Cyclists and churchgoers both meet on Sunday mornings and have an ability to laugh at themselves (though cyclists have better coffee).

Onto Spin, you’re bringing along some of your wares; what, where, how?

I’m bringing tea towels! I figured that cyclists need to do the washing up, and even if they don’t a tea towel can be used for polishing a bike. It’s an easy way to cycle home with a cartoon without worrying about it getting creased in a back pocket. I’ll have a small selection of my cartoons on show in the Art-hub, but this is the first time I’ve exhibited work at a cycling show, so I’m really here to see how people like them. My ambition is to find a regular publisher for the cartoons (magazine, web, or elsewhere), and hopefully in the longer term produce a book and other exciting memorabilia.

Finally if you could hang in a peloton for five minutes whom would it be with and why?

If I’m allowed time travel I’d go back to 1989 and ride in the Tour de France with Greg Lemond, Laurent Fignon, Robert Millar and co. I’d watched the Tour for a year or two before then, but 1989 is the year that stands out in the memory, with it all coming down to the final-stage time trial and Lemond winning the Tour by eight seconds. As a result everyone went out and bought clip-on tri-bars in an attempt to go marginally faster on club runs. The five minutes would need to be early in a flat stage, possibly just after a feed zone.


Experience Tunnel Vision!

Visit Spin London and we welcome you to pol sifter &  Beach-o-Matic’s Tunnel VISION. 

A Blacklit, UltraViolet wonderworld featuring great glowing pieces of cutting edge cycle art. Featuring such artists as Eliza Southwood, Marco Lawrence, Lino Cycles, Simon FitzmauriceOli Fowler Massif, Central & AD.

Drink in the psychedelic installations, add your favourite journey to the LOST? wall, sign up for the Aeolian Ride and much more.

Stay tuned to our feed for more UV treats and be sure to seek out this intriguing installation at the show in just over two weeks time..

Rose Tallard - 'Ride Hard'
Rose Tallard - 'Ride Hard'
BikeMAN - Pol Sifter
BikeMAN - Pol Sifter

#FIVE ‘Spin’ misconceptions!

#1 is Spin London a giant spinning class in Central London?

NO! Sorry!

Spin started as a simple concept, a show that puts a ‘spin’ on cycling, presenting more innovation, culture and accessibility on the sport and pursuit of cycling from an urban context. Spin was also a nod to constantly evolving and revolving like wheels on a bike, feel free to insert your own synonym here.

You will find; awesome bikes, fashion, innovation, food, company, art, tech, music & more!

You won’t find; people sweating profusely, a musclebound man (or woman) shouting at you, a David Guetta track dropping.

Spinning bikes
Spinning bikes

#2 am I cool this a show for hipsters?

The main concept behind Spin shows are to allow fellow cyclists from all rides of life to rub shoulders, chat bikes, chill-out, experience new cycling experiences and maybe even make new friends in an alternative, urban environment.

We have included the popular ‘Cycle Speed dating this year’ to help illustrate this. Yes, we allow hipsters, but aren’t we all hipsters to some degree?

The Hipster *

  1. a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.
#mainstream Giant bike ad
#mainstream Giant bike ad

#3 The event will be full of 'small' brands which don't sell anything, what's the point?

Spin London – the Urban Cycle show will house what we believe is the best selection of exhibitors and content we can muster for 2015. We attempt to at once introduce fresh, grassroots brands and provide a platform for smaller start-ups nestled neatly amongst some of the bigger brands in cycling.

We are a small company with big ambitions and look for synergy with innovation, design, heritage and progressive partners of any scale to assist in facilitating the most eclectic cycling show to hit the fine city of London (or anywhere else) ever!

Most of our exhibitors will be more than happy to chat to you and show you their fantastic products, many are offering show special prices so be prepared to shop, safe in the wellbeing that there’ll always be a part of you helping a fledgling cycling brand or two..or three..

Rapha - Trakke
Rapha - Trakke

#4 It's too far away................

…it isn’t! Well it depends where you live or are based geographically. However we chose our Central London location because it was cheap! All jokes aside, we chose the west-end and in particular The Sorting Office this year as it’s a great venue in a fantastic location. There are multiple routes for riding into town to the location and also for those without their steed, many local tube stations and bus routes just moments from the venue.

Plan your journey here if travelling by public transport.

#5 There's no cycling? what kind of bike show is this?

Gentleman cycling a Canyon Urban bicycle
Gentleman cycling a Canyon Urban bicycle

There are bikes, loads! Also as Spin has moved to a new venue for this year, there’s a test track facility. Try out bikes here and whizz around the track. You can also ride straight up to the venue and ride out of it! We have a secure,sub-level parking area  just for you too.

Win NFTO Castelli kit bundle a chance to ride with the pros ahead of Spin London

You could win a place on a training ride with NFTO and a bundle of brilliant Castelli pro team kit
You could win a place on a training ride with NFTO and a bundle of brilliant Castelli pro team kit

Spin London and have joined forces with NFTO Pro Cycling to offer an amazing, unique prize ahead of Spin London 2015 at The Sorting Office on New Oxford Street, 8th-10th May.

One lucky winner will get to ride with the professionals of NFTO on a training day, so it’s time to get on your bike and get fit!

The winner also gets a set of team-grade Castelli/NFTO gear: Gabba, Race Jersey, Base Layer, Bib Shorts, Gloves, Socks & Snood. ENTER THE COMPETITION HERE

Spin London at The Sorting Office on New Oxford Street (8th-10th May 2015) will showcase the latest innovations – bikes, fashion, accessories and much more.

Rapha, Canyon Bikes, Cinelli and Brompton Junction will exhibit as provides a platform for big cycling brands along with innovators, independents and custom frame builders. Exhibitor list

It’s the perfect experience for anyone interested in cycling: from the thrill of Rollapaluza racing, to first-class craft beer and coffee from Peloton & Co and delicious pizza served by Made of Dough out of a Land Rover! Discover cycling culture at Spin London. Buy tickets here

Ten reasons YOU should visit Spin London 2015 8th-10th May

1. The Spin LDN Test Track

Are you eye-ing up a new bicycle? Take it for a spin on the 400metre test track, swooping down from ground level into the basement of The Old Sorting Office. There’ll be urban bikes, e-bikes, racing bikes and custom frames … Races and special events will be scheduled on the track throughout the weekend.

2. Innovation

Time waits for no man, woman or cyclist. Technology is always moving on, new ideas surface and new products appear on the market. We are thrilled to confirm that Ebove – one of the most exciting virtual reality cycling products around – will exhibit at Spin London 2015. In their own words: “Real motion meets socialization and virtual reality.” Discover entirely new landscapes on your bike – all from the comfort of your home …

3. Fashion

We’ve got the finest fashion brands from across the cycling spectrum at Spin London 2015. Huez*, Lucky Seven Caps, Allez Vite, Findra, Route Clothing to name only a few. Come and check them out and browse the full exhibitor list here.

4. Wood is wonderful

As Larry David once asked in Curb Your Enthusiasm: “Do you have respect for wood?” Well do you? You certainly will do after a visit to Spin London 2015. We’ll be showcasing several incredible wooden bikes with exhibitors from around the world including Selva, Vélowland, Flat Frame Systems

5. The Canyon Bikes factor

Canyon Bikes are renowned throughout the cycling industry for producing high-quality, high-spec bikes and providing some of the best value-for-money bikes in the world. That’s partly because they only retail online – so this is your only chance to get your hands on a Canyon Bike before actually buying one. Canyon will be showcasing their new urban range at Spin LDN 2015. We have dozens of fantastic exhibitors, of course – check them out here.

6. Hear the Eileen Sheridan story

Now 91 years old, Eileen Sheridan boasts an incredible record as a cyclist. She smashed all the records of the Women’s Road Records Association throughout the 1940s and 1950s. Sheridan’s 1,000-mile record stood for 48 years – while her London-Edinburgh record of 20h 11m 35s still stands. She has an amazing story to tell – and you could be lucky enough to hear it at Spin London.

7. Artisan coffee. Delicious pizza. Quality craft beer.

You should know by now that Spin London events are about much more than cycling. Once you’ve browsed the brilliant range of exhibitors, you can kick back and enjoy a coffee or a beer courtesy of Peloton & Co – and a wood-fired pizza from Made of Dough served from “Hench Truck Raffaella”.

8. Location, location, location

The Old Sorting Office is an atmospheric, ex-industrial space that every Londoner should experience. Slap-bang in the middle of the bustling West End, we’ll transform it into a cycling Mecca for three days only. And it’s shaping up to the be the last-ever event before this unique venue is redeveloped.

9. Spring into summer …

Spin London arrives at the start of summer and the weather is shaping up very nicely so far. Spin London is the perfect opportunity to get yourself kitted out for another sensational summer of cycling in London and beyond. The start of the Giro d’Italia on Saturday 9th May should set us up nicely.

10. Artful antics

Art is important to us at Spin London. From the ‘Hall of Frame’ – a competition for creative frame builders – to workshops by the likes of the brilliant Eliza Southwood and screen printing demonstrations – there will be plenty of artful happenings at Spin London 2015. Discover every aspect of cycling culture – from art, to technology, innovation and high performance.

Tickets are selling fast! Snap yours up here

Virtual Reality a reality as ebove launches at Spin LDN

Debuting in London at Spin this may;

Activetainment makes indoor exercise as fun and energetic as the outdoors. They have created ebove™, a unique training concept that combines exercise and gaming. They say it is the most engaging, entertaining and realistic indoor exercise experience in the world. 

With the B/01 bike indoor becomes outdoor as every move is felt and experienced realistically, inside beautiful immersive visualisations of outdoor surroundings. In short, it’s the worlds most awesome bike simulator!  

Activetainment will bring the whole experience to Spin LDN as they take their two latest bikes on tour for everyone to try! They will also give visitors a truly rock n roll Virtual Reality-experience with the Oculus Rift mode.  Check out their video and see them at Spin this May at the sorting office, New Oxford Street!

Get Funked!

Dubliners Funked up Fixies hit Spin LDN!

Spin speaks to funked up regarding their presence at Spin LDN.

Who are Funkedup and what do they stand for?

Funked Up was founded in 2011 by Olaf and Andrew, marrying a love of bikes, music and urban culture. The idea was always to allow people to build the bike that they wanted, not to dictate to anyone what’s cool or fashionable. Similarly we didn’t set out to be cool or fashionable by offering fixed and singlespeed bikes. This style of bike, to us, represents urban living, and by offering the widest variety of colour options out there we’ve been able to ensure that each bike we sell is unique and representative of the person who chooses it.

Who’s the best cyclist in the team? Be honest. 

We’ve yet to really put this one to the test, but I would probably argue that being a bike messenger for over 10 years might give me an edge over the rest of the guys, at least in an alleycat type of situation. I’m not a fan of climbing though, Olaf might take the KOM crown.

Gears, or no Gears, that is the question.. What is it about Fixies that made you want to sell them for a living? 

While we’ve certainly got nothing against gears, fixed gear and singlespeed bikes easily lend themselves to customisation and personalisation. We’ve always built our own bikes so it made sense to offer that same level of customisation to our customers. Being from Dublin we’ve also found that singlespeed is the perfect form of urban transport; simple, stylish and effective.

What music do you guys listen to while you’re working?

The company name might give it away… we have a deep love of 70’s Funk so you’re likely to hear lots of James Brown, George Clinton & Sly Stone clogging up the airwaves. Prince, Jamiroquai & Daft Punk are also big hitters in the Funked Up HQ playlists. In fact, founders Olaf and Andrew were in a funk band together from the age of 12! Aside from the Funky Stuff we are inspired by all sorts of great music from Reggae to House, Rock to HipHop, and Jazz to Irish Trad… there may even be some closet Taylor Swift fans lurking in the office as well.

In your humble opinion, what’s the coolest bike anyone has designed over at Funkedup?

The great thing about our bikes is that you’ll rarely ever see two of the same design. Someone with a greater grasp of maths than us worked out that there are over 2 billion colour combinations available on our customiser!

Irish street artist Maser designed a bike with a custom paint job for us last year that was a real standout. We love taking on full custom projects as well as the standard options available on the site.

Ned Boulting at Spin London – 101 Damnations: Dispatches from the 101st Tour de France

Come to Spin London in May to see Ned Boulting
Come to Spin London in May to see Ned Boulting

Ned Boulting – who has reported on 12 Tours de France and countless other cycling races and sporting events for ITV – will be at Spin London on Sunday 10th May.

He’s also written a number of best-selling books and will be doing a Q and A followed by a signing session. The paperback edition of ‘101 Damnations – Dispatches from the 101st Tour de France’ comes out on Thursday 7th May. Order it here – you’ll also be able to buy it at the show.

We sat down with Ned to chat about the book. There is one Q and one A – but we hope you’ll agree it’s a good one …

What’s the idea behind the book?

“The 2014 Tour was always going to be special … it was a question of how special. There were three things that seemed nailed on to be big stories: the race was starting on these shores again, Mark Cavendish had a golden opportunity to nail that missing jersey in his Grand Tour collection, and it was Chris Froome’s chance to rise above the rest as a double Tour de France winner. When you win two, you start to pencil your name in the history books. If you just win one, you wonder how kindly will history judge you … This was his opportunity to define his own career as great.

“Ultimately only one of those things happened. Yorkshire, the Grand Départ, was genuinely a triumph. I’m used to ridiculous exaggerations of crowd numbers from ASO and race organisers: “Millions of people out on the road!” But in Yorkshire there were two million people on Stage 1 – and that was reflected in our TV viewing figures which took a bit of a knock. There were too many people actually watching the bike race … what did they think they were doing??

“So I’d committed to writing this celebratory book which within four or five days had turned into a car crash, or rather a bike crash. It went on and on and on, this litany of woe, and it was brutal, starting with Mark Cavendish’s crash in Harrogate. And then to lose Froome and Contador. We left the sunshine of the UK and the rain set in for a week and it became a tidal wave of woe … We were going through this brutal landscape that was made to look every bit in keeping with what it represented historically. The book itself became a kind of journey somewhere else.

“You look elsewhere for interest: that’s the great thing about the Tour. The resurgence of French cycling with Romain Bardet, Thibaut Pinot and Jean-Christophe Péraud – the man who no-one will remember for finishing second at the 2014 Tour de France. That was a really fascinating sub-plot that led me to discover the tragic biographies of two great French riders, totally forgotten by the cycling world, of the last great cycling era: the [Jacques] Anquetil/[Raymond] Poulidor era. I discovered the lives of Roger Rivière and Gérard Saint … the path was opened to me with conversations I had with Raymond Poulidor. I looked elsewhere, I found my stories against the backdrop of this new French generation. They call is a renaissance but is it really?

“Equally, what the race did offer up was a real interest in the stage wins. You had the emergence of Alexander Kristoff, and when you look at what he’s achieved so far this year: that came to fruition on the roads of France last year. Then you had moments of great drama like Jack Bauer missing out in the pissing rain on the road into Nîmes

“And there was Tony Martin on Stage 9 into Mulhouse – the first time he’d won a stage of the Tour de France that wasn’t a time trial. He figured out that one way of winning a stage is to ride your bike faster than everyone else [laughs]. It was a like a light had come on: “Oh yeah, you could just do that, you could just ride your bike faster …”

“Predictably enough, there’s another chapter on Chris Boardman … he challenged me to write a book without a chapter on him and so I thought I can’t fulfil his wishes … so I wrote a chapter on him too.”

Sounds brilliant – and we look forward to finding out more at Spin London. Thanks for your time, Ned …

The Ned Boulting Q and A at Spin London takes place at 1pm on Sunday 10th May followed by a book signing session

Buy tickets here and see a full list of exhibitors here

Spin Party Political Broadcast #1

L’Eroica rolls into Spin LDN in May: Get Snapped at Spin

We are rather chuffed to have the chaps from Eroica Britannia making their debut at with us this Spring.
Eroica are proud to bring a little of the Great British Adventure to Spin London – The Urban Cycle Show.
Members of the squad will be dressed in their finest and on hand to man the coolest vintage caravan photo booth stand in the World.
Plus they will be stocking a little of their finest Eroica Britannia merchandise, including the limited edition John Smedley ‘Man of Steel’ jerseys. As well as a little story telling of heroic tales on bikes at the Eroica Britannia Festival in the glorious Peak District, its sure to be a popular pit stop at Spin this May!
All aboard …
Eroica Britannia Vintage Caravan Photo Booth - Get Snapped at Spin
Eroica Britannia Vintage Caravan Photo Booth - Get Snapped at Spin

Cycle Hack hits Spin LDN May 8th!

Sarah Drummond of CycleHack will tell the story of the accidental growth of global movement CycleHack from one city to 40 in under one year.  She’ll also be sharing the story behind the hack that went viral, ‘Penny in Your Pants’ to over 3.3 million people, featured in woman’s cycling magazines including Cosmopolitan and the launch of their imminent Crowd-fund campaign in collaboration with the Afghanistan woman’s cycling team to bring the cycle product to market.

A little Spin from London to Brussels: a cycling adventure

By Luke McLaughlin

At exactly this time last week, I was riding a bike. But only just. I was about to grind to a halt, creaking agonisingly up the Old Dover Road out of Folkestone. I was heading for the ferry terminal in Dover with 140km already on the clock.

For reasons that remain unclear, a couple of friends and I thought it’d be a good idea to cycle to Brussels. The plan was as follows: Friday: West London > Dover (150km). Take the ferry. Stay in a hotel in Calais. Saturday: Calais > Brussels (215km). Arriving Saturday evening for debrief and cocktails.

We left London at 8am. Or we tried. We discovered the first puncture of the trip before leaving the house.

Ben attends to a puncture in his un-aero-dynamic cycling gear
Ben attends to a puncture in his un-aero-dynamic cycling gear

We rode for 500metres. What a great feeling. Half a kilometre done, 364.5km to go. We needed coffee. We stopped. Coffee was drunk accompanied by this classic London cycling scene:

Ah, cycling in London in rush hour ...
Ah, cycling in London in rush hour ...

We trundled out of London in rush hour. Through Hyde Park, past the roadworks in Victoria, along the Oval, into school-run-clogged Dulwich and up Crystal Palace hill. Through West Wickham and we were out in the lanes of Kent.

As for the route, we were blissfully Garmin-free until down in Brasted (near the famous Toys Hill). I used older technology – my brain – to navigate us that far. It was a clear, warm sunny morning perfect for cycling.

Here’s my trusty steed parked up in a lane near Keston.

My trusty Boardman Comp
My trusty Boardman Comp

When we arrived in Brasted it was Garmin time. “This is where the ride could stop being fun,” I said to Ben. I’ve spent plenty of time in the past couple of years listening to Paul shouting at his Garmin.

By that point Paul had disappeared back up the road to see if he could get his little computer to understand where the hell we were/it was and pick up the route he’d loaded in the night before.

It was no use. I continued with brain-navigation as far as Sevenoaks.

We stopped off at a delightful village pub called ‘JD Wetherspoons’ for a late breakfast, before pressing on towards Dover. In truth, we were lost. The Garmin was confused. I know from experience there are some lovely routes to Dover. I couldn’t remember them. I suggested to Paul that he chuck his Garmin in the bin. We pressed on.

To cut a long story short, we ended up cycling along the A20 pretty much all the way there. Ben was determined to take the Old Dover Road from Folkestone. This sounded fantastic. In reality there were two problems: 1) It’s very steep. 2) We were knackered.

Having said that, after a sharp climb out of Folkestone, it was downhill all the way. Ferry tickets were purchased. I inadvertently tried to cycle straight through passport control.

Celebrating a job well done, we had a couple of beers on the ferry. Calais loomed up ahead in what seemed like no time at all.

It was dark, and we trundled out of the terminal and towards the Old Town, towards our hotel for the night: the Hotel Meurice.

The Hotel Meurice in Calais. It's old-fashioned, and it's great.
The Hotel Meurice in Calais. It's old-fashioned, and it's great.

Looks old-fashioned right? Well it is. And it’s great. Friendly staff, nice bar, comfortable rooms and a brilliant breakfast. A modern design hotel it is not, but for 100euro (or so) for a triple room it was incredible value. They even throw in a complimentary bottle of wine (per person!) if you book direct with them (presumably because they lose a big percentage with the likes of

Ben (left) and Paul celebrate the end of Day 1, while regretting the lack of a bottle opener
Ben (left) and Paul celebrate the end of Day 1, while regretting the lack of a bottle opener

The three bottles of complimentary wine were left untouched in our room the next morning. Not because we had to ride 215km the next day – we just didn’t have a bottle opener.

Evening refreshments were taken at La Sole Meuniere, a superb traditional French seafood restaurant a five-minute walk from the hotel. Ben wore his cycling shoes. We drank some fantastic Burgundy wine. But, er, here are some scallops:

Scallops in Calais
Scallops in Calais

One thing was certain: We couldn’t rely on the Garmin to get us to Brussels. So Ben bravely got up a bit earlier and printed out a route. We had about nine sheets of paper to cycle across.

This isn’t exactly news but cycling in France and Belgium is much nicer than the UK. In Belgium there are spacious cycle lanes which are separated from every road, keeping you a nice comfortable distance from the HGVs fresh off the ferry from Dover.

We headed East. The weather was worse than Friday, which suited the drab, industrial landscape. It took longer to reach the Belgian border than I thought it would …

Ben was struggling. We were all struggling when we spent 20minutes riding into a strong, biting wind. We stopped for an early-ish lunch and drank a lot of sugary drinks. In truth, at that point, none of us thought we were going to make it.

We pressed on. We still had six of nine A4 pages of map to ride across. We got a decent head of steam up after lunch. Paul isn’t really at home on the climbs, but put him on the flat and he can crank out some serious power. Belgium, as you know, is mostly flat.

Belgium is also very pretty – but we weren’t in the pretty bits. It was grim and grey and fairly cold. On the plus side, it didn’t rain up until the last couple of hours.

We only stopped for ‘natural breaks’ and a couple of times to load up on sugar and water in petrol stations.

There was one puncture for Paul, with about 40km to go. We soon found ourselves on a very fast, busy road which was clearly the main drag into Brussels. We spotted a ‘NO CYCLING’ sign when we’d already been riding on it for 20minutes.

We re-thought the route. We pressed on. We were tired and we were soaking, but mercifully it wasn’t particularly cold, even when it began to get dark. A cheer went up when we passed the ‘Welcome to Brussels’ sign. I was too tired to stop and take a picture.

We stepped up the pace. We knew we had made it. By that stage, our bodies were clearly resigned to being on bikes all day. We felt tired but pretty good.

We arrived at our destination at 7.30pm – 11.5 hours and 215km after setting off. We’d done 365km over two days. It was amazing fun, although I wouldn’t be in any hurry to ride that particular route again.

There is no photo of the triumphant trio. My phone was dead. And I was too knackered. But we’d made it for debrief and cocktails.

Ben has already sent his reflections on the trip via email. The highlight: “I only need to carry one banana at any one time.”

We can sit back watch Sunday’s Tour of Flanders (250km) and feel like we’ve been there. We’ll understand the pain those riders will be feeling. They might just be going a tiny bit faster than we were …

Come to Spin London! 8th-10th May 2015 at The Sorting Office on New Oxford Street. BUY TICKETS HERE

Always believe in your soul! Win a Hiplok GOLD at Spin London in May

The brand spanking new Hiplok GOLD -
The brand spanking new Hiplok GOLD - "camo" version

Our friends over at Hiplok have been hard at work developing their best-ever bike lock and it will be hitting the streets of London very soon – just in time for Spin London at The Sorting Office on New Oxford Street, in fact.

The Hiplok GOLD is their highest-security wearable lock so far. It’s got a 10mm thick, hardened steel chain, and a 12mm steel shackle. Take THAT, would-be bike thieves!

The best news of all: Hiplok will be running a prize draw at Spin London. Three lucky visitors will win a Hiplok GOLD (worth £84.99). Yet another reason to buy your Spin London tickets here. DO IT NOW!

Here are the facts …

LOCK TYPE: Wearable Chain Lock
TECHNICAL: Wearable chain lock adjusts to fit waist without being locked to rider 10mm Hardened Steel Chain
12mm Hardened Steel Shackle
New Speed Buckle Fastening
Removable water repellent outer sleeve Reflective Detail
Coded Key replacement program
OPTIONS: Available in All Black or Camo/Orange Special Edition
RRP: £84.99


“Takhion + Tsubasa Mass” – Ukraine conflict charity bike – comes to Spin London in May

This unique frame is being auctioned to help victims of the Ukraine conflict
This unique frame is being auctioned to help victims of the Ukraine conflict

“Together we are strong, even in times of hardship.”

Spin London 2015 – at The Sorting Office on New Oxford Street – is pleased to announce that a unique frame from Ukraine called Takhion+Tsubasa Mass will be on display at the show (8th-10th May).

The frame is being auctioned off with the proceeds helping to provide food, shelter and support for the victims on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Around 1.5 million Ukrainians in the east of the country have been uprooted by war, and are struggling to survive without food or shelter. The proceeds of the auction will go to the Red Cross.

DONATE HERE – You can see more about the frame and the project on their website and Facebook page.

The unique frame
The unique frame

Everybody wants to be a DJ … YOU can play at Spin London in May

Over the last two years and five shows Spin London has always housed some of the most contemporary & eclectic beat herders & disc jockeys; featuring DJs and musicians from BBC6 Music, NTS LIVE! Hoxton Radio , Pictures Music , Public Information Records to name but a few

Public Info Live in 2013
Public Info Live in 2013

But as Spin LDN heads for its biggest-ever venue, in the heart of London at what’s looking like the LAST ever public event to be held at the The Old Sorting Office – we are throwing open the doors, or rather the decks – for one day only!

How do you soundtrack a cycling show? Will you drop some heavy tunes as riders whizz around the test track? Who knows? It’s down to you!

Before you get over-excited, Spin London DJs add to the vibe of Spin LDN and are all about the background music. Any DJ divas or David Guettas can do one.

We have the decks & the sound system, you just bring yourself and a selection of your finest records/CDs on Sunday May 10th. We have four slots to fill so get in touch! We will feed and water you generously and offer free tickets to you and your pals.

Please send your mixes to – We’ll choose our favourites and get you playing to the discerning audience at Spin London 2015 – The Urban Cycle Show at The Sorting Office this May 10th.

Discover cycling culture – and great music too.


Urban Cyclist Magazine features Spin LDN

Following our last Christmas event last December; Urban Cyclist magazine highlighted their top picks for the show. See below for all the lowdown from the mag!

Eliza Southwood – Workshops to feature at Spin LDN

Sussex Downs
Sussex Downs

Eliza Southwood is back at Spin LDN this Spring!

Learn how to screen print an image onto paper. We will be printing a two colour cycling themed print which you can then take home with you. Eliza’s cycling themed screen prints can be seen here:

In addition there will be a Coffee Peloton workshop: have a go at drawing with coffee, combining art, coffee and cycling! We will be stamping wheels onto paper with coffee mugs and then Eliza will show you how to draw the cyclists. 

Not to be missed and rolling throughout the event, discounted tickets still available here.

Coffee Peloton
Coffee Peloton

The ‘Us and them’ attitude isn’t helping cycling

by Luke McLaughlin

The rise of the affordable video camera has changed the world, and it’s certainly transformed the cycling debate.

Every day in London there are thousands of cyclists roaming the streets with a camera strapped to their helmets or bike frames – and it throws up some footage that we can’t help but watch.

Every day – mostly on cycling websites, but increasingly on mainstream news websites – you can watch cyclists being punched, knocked off, cut up, or miraculously cheating death in a near-miss with a vehicle.

In some ways this is a good thing – certainly when it means that a violent thug like this is forced to answer for his actions.

But it seems there is something else fuelling the appetite for these stories: anger and frustration. Some cyclists want to watch motorists acting like idiots, because they regard them as the enemy. In their eyes, motorists are irresponsible, dangerous, careless – and every new piece of video evidence reinforces that view.

It’s click-bait for the cycling websites and it’s lucrative business. Videos of car-driving idiocy and cyclists in peril often sit at the top of ‘Most Watched’ links modules.

More video views, more page views, more eyes on the content = more advertising revenue. But what is that actually doing to solve the problems on our roads?

Of course no-one is going to watch a video called ‘Motorist safely overtakes cyclist, giving plenty of room.” But a lot of this coverage – particularly in the cycling media – increasingly takes an ‘us and them’ attitude. That is not helping.

Part of the problem is that everyone thinks they are better than they are. Many drivers – mostly men – are convinced they are technically superb when it comes to driving a car. It’s almost never true. The same goes for cyclists, some of whom are so quick to point the finger of blame at car drivers.

Take the example of the shocking assault in the video above. Clearly there is absolutely zero justification for the van driver’s violent actions – but the cyclist’s decision to try and squeeze through the junction in front of the van, as a vehicle turns left in front of them, is hardly sensible either. If he chooses to hang back for a second there is no problem.

During a recent appearance on Channel 4 News, London taxi boss Steve McNamara said that cars and bikes don’t go together. This is clearly nonsense: they would go together just fine with a more responsible attitude from everyone: car drivers, lorry drivers and cyclists alike.

As road users, we all have a fundamental responsibility to each other and that applies to every group. Instead of focusing on the differences between different types of road users we should focus on the similarities: everyone wants to get from A to B as quickly and safely as possible.

At Spin London 2015, at The Sorting Office on New Oxford Street, 8th-10th May, we are to host a debate on cycling safety. We want to bring people together from all sides of the debate – cyclists, motorists, journalists and legislators – and discuss how we can move the debate forward and make things safer.

The video footage will keep on coming, but the ‘Us and them’ attitude is definitely not helping.

Do you want to join the debate? Follow Spin London on Twitter, like us on Facebook, buy tickets to Spin London here and keep an eye on this website in the coming weeks …


Spotlight on Velocity Cycling clothing

Meet Carolyn Gaskell, she say hi!
Meet Carolyn Gaskell, she say hi!

Spins’ secret squirrel Alison has a chat with the founder of Velocity Cycle Wear, Carolyn Gaskell.

What does cycling mean to you?  

Cycling has always been an important part of my life in London. It’s more than just a daily mode of transport it’s a big part of my life and my identity! I’m lost without my bike…

How long have you been cycling and how often do you manage to get out?

I rediscovered cycling when I moved to London 15 years ago. In a big city like London, walking is not always a realistic option. Cycling enabled me the freedom of the city!

What kind of bike do you ride? Are there any specific brands you would recommend to Woman riders?

After many years riding a fixed wheel bike around London, I decided I needed a few gears. I now have two bikes – a vintage Koga Miyata road bike, and a Trek Madone for my more ‘serious’ cycling. 

What inspired you to start Velocity? I was frustrated by the lack of choice in the women’s urban cycle clothing market. I couldn’t find what it was that I wanted to wear and I decided to do something about it. The good thing about this approach is that i’m really passionate about the products I design. 

What’s your best selling item and why do we need it in our lives? Our best selling item is climber trousers. They are a straight cut stretch cotton drill trouser with a range of cycling specific features. They include a diamond gusset – for comfort and reflective trim – for safety. They are practical for cycling in, but look just as good in the office (or in the pub…)

Who need's a door when you can move a wall?
Who need's a door when you can move a wall?

Do you think Womens needs are catered for more in cycling since Velocity began or have we still got a long way to go?

We have only been going for 16 months and I think things are moving in a positive direction. I think the most important thing for women’s cycling is to provide more choice – not all women are the same size and shape, and not all women do the same sorts of cycling. 

As an everyday urban cyclist, what law would you bring in if you could be in charge for a day? (lets keep this cycle related!) That’s tricky! I think I would insist that all motorists have a go at cycling in London. I believe that I am a safer cyclist because I drive, and a safer driver because I cycle. So I should also get all the cyclists who have never driven in London to try that too!

The Climber - rrp £75 form Velocity Cyclewear
The Climber - rrp £75 form Velocity Cyclewear

What’s your biggest personal cycling achievement? Quite some years ago, I cycled from Whitehaven to Sunderland for charity on what was effectively a Ladies Shopper. It was the heaviest bike I have ever ridden!

What products are you most looking forward to showing off at this May’s Spin London event? We have a new soft-shell jacket that we are really proud of. So we’ll probably be most looking forward to showing that off! Oh, and we have some LTD edition red shorts which we think are pretty special too!

What’s next for Velocity? We are always listening to our customers, so we try to bring out LTD runs of our products if enough people ask for them. We’ve also got a small, but solid range of items now, and we’re looking to consolidate the brand and work with a few more suppliers. 

See more of Velocity here.

See you at Spin!
See you at Spin!

Single Cyclists Rejoice!

Cycle Speed dating hits Spin LDN
Cycle Speed dating hits Spin LDN

We catch up with organiser of Cycle Speed Dating, making it’s debut at Spin LDN this year to find out what it’s all about.

Who are you & what’s your ride of choice?

I am Margriet, founder and organiser of Cycle Speed Dating in London. I ride a Surly LHT.

Why speed dating? Why for cyclists?

Speed dating is a great way to meet new people, offline. The short dates are a good opportunity to find out if you would like to see someone again. We do the matchmaking and email everyone their matches so you don’t have to worry about taking the first step or telling someone you like them.

After a break-up I was looking to meet other cyclists in London as it’s just the best way to explore the city and can be quite romantic too! As I couldn’t really find any events I decided to start Cycle Speed Dating and we’ve been running events at Look Mum No Hands! for just over a year now. 

I don’t have to tell you cyclists are a lovely bunch so we usually have a room full of like-minded people.

Rock, Scissors, Paper never looked so hot!
Rock, Scissors, Paper never looked so hot!

What’s the best thing that’s happened at one of your events? 

We often have people coming up or emailing after the event to thank us for putting it on, telling us how relaxed and fun it was.  

Sometimes we find that people don’t want to move after the three minutes we give them together, they have too much fun! We’ve also heard of people going on a bike ride together as a follow-up date, which is pretty sweet. 

We’ve had a few celebrities joining us, including Super Cycling Man, who is going to be the first person cycling seven continents in a super hero costume.

A happy Margriet and her steed
A happy Margriet and her steed
and, she's off!
and, she's off!

How long have you been cycling in London?

As a Dutchie I have been cycling for most of my life but during my first three years in London I would only go for bike rides around my neighbourhood. Let’s say I was a little intimidated by the busy roads, huge busses and cycling on the left.

It all changed when I became a bicycle tour guide during the Olympic Games and kind of re-discovered cycling. It’s been my favourite way to get around ever since.

What makes London an interesting place to live and ride a bike?

To me London is a place where everything is possible. As a person who loves learning, exploring and starting things up, I feel it’s the best place to be at this time of my life.

There are many back-roads, wonderful canals and parks to cycle in. On a day off I like to just ride north, east, south or west – without using maps – and stop at a nice pub or café to refuel.

My favourite routes include Lime house to Hackney Wick along the canal and cycling from Central London to my home in the East, taking in Tower Bridge and a bit of the Roman wall which is hiding in an alleyway next to a hotel but just wide enough for me and my bike.

What should participants expect at Spin, what are the rules?

When you join us for Cycle Speed Dating you will go on several three-minute dates with fellow cyclists. Our team will make sure everything runs smoothly and we will ring a bicycle bell when it’s time to meet the next person. There is no dress code just come as your are. At the end you put your choices on the form and we will email your matches a few days later. A ticket for Cycle Speed Dating will include entry to Spin LDN – The Urban Cycle Show, those interested get them for Friday May 8th here & Saturday May 9th here.


partake in some illuminating cycling conversations..
partake in some illuminating cycling conversations..

The Interview – Temple Cycles

Spin spoke to fresh, Bristol based bike brand Temple cycles whom are debuting their bikes at Spin LDN this May.

Who are you? 

There are currently three of us, myself (Matt), sidekick Jimmy and intern Sam. We don’t really know what’s going on, so we just stick to bikes.

What’s Temple? Why now?

Temple Cycles is a Bristol based bicycle producer. We combine our skills of engineering, design and shameless self-promotion to cobble together two wheel contraptions and flog them for as much as we can…or you might think they are pretty good value and well made.

We started trading in 2014, and want to make nice bikes for people to cherish, look after and keep for generations. We love classic bicycle style, and keep our bikes simple and minimal. Our bikes are not one-trick ponies, they are practical and versatile with every small detail carefully designed. 

Cycling is going from strength to strength in Bristol, the cyclists are starting to take over the streets!   This is also helped by the fact that Bristol is international Green capital for 2015. We thought that it would be great to start a bike company here, but the only problem is it’s pretty dam hilly. We don’t sell a lot of our single speeds!

A rather chuffed Matt & Jimmy, with a penchant for pendants
A rather chuffed Matt & Jimmy, with a penchant for pendants

If a crisp inspired you, what flavour would it be and why?

Crips…what a great invention. So much variety, and only one flavour to choose as an inspiration. It would have to be salt an vinegar, not Walkers though, something with a little more crunch please. Why? Goes well with a pickled egg any day of the week.

Last supper, who with and where, reasons..?

Steve peat, downhill mountain bike legend. Lauren Lavern, as I listen to her everyday in the workshop on 6music and she can select the tunes. Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who made most of the best things in Bristol. We’d have a picnic on the grass by Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Finally back to the bikes & Spin LDN in May, what should visitors expect from your brand/bikes?

We will be bringing a selection of bikes for you to check out and test ride. We will have our classic ladies’ and gents’ models for sale, as well as some custom show bikes with all the bells and whistles. We are going to have our leather accessories for sale too, and we’re even thinking of doing a raffle. Everyone loves a good raffle.

They certainly do chaps, looking forward to it! We will be catching up with Temple again in April. AD

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