The fourth Spin show in the history of Spin shows took place at Rochelle School on 5th-7th December. Spin Xmas was a celebration of cycling: creativity, innovation, design, not to mention some rather nice beer.

We worked our socks off at Spin HQ to bring together brands from across the UK and Europe at this beautiful 19th century building in the heart of Shoreditch.

Denmark, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands were all represented along with designers – and makers – from around the UK. Here’s the lovely Rochelle School, set up and ready for business before we opened the doors on Friday night:

Rochelle School

Transport for London made their Spin debut – coming to Spin Xmas to consult on their plans to remodel Old Street roundabout. They were kept busy as London cyclists had a chance to share their views on the radical plans.

‘Club Row’ – the main exhibition space – was packed with interesting stuff: Shinola’s beautiful bikes, watches and leather goods were at the front of the show and their bike display made a big impact.

Shinola - Spin Xmas

Shinola – Spin Xmas

The clever people from Spoke London brought together a brilliant array of art and illustration, filling one floor of the show with eye-catching art. Eliza Southwood’s work was one of the highlights:

Spoke London

On the first floor were another group of interesting brands – from ‘stique multilevers to Phoibe – while the flax composite bike by James Dart provoked plenty of interest.

We even spotted Keith Bontrager walking around the show – and chatting to Geoff Waugh – on Saturday! You’ve probably seen Bontrager’s name before – his name is on a LOT of bikes and wheels … he is a frame-builder and all-round engineer, and was instrumental in developing mountain bike suspension back in the 1980s.

Meanwhile Geoff was not only exhibiting and selling his excellent prints, he was also photographing the event – see a gallery of Facebook images here.

All things considered, we all had a lot of fun at Spin Xmas – a huge thank you to everyone who was involved – from exhibitors to visitors to our event partners.

We’ll see you all at the next Spin London show – at The Sorting Office on New Oxford Street – May 7th-9th 2015! More information to follow on that very soon …

As a proudly American company, Shinola is striving to revive the once strong manufacturing tradition in the country from its base in Detroit. As makers of modern, handcrafted watches, bicycles, leather goods, journals, and pet accessories they believe in the preservation of craft and the beauty of industry … and you can find out all about them at Spin Xmas.

Sky Yaeger is the Director of Bicycle Product Development at Shinola. With over 30 years experience in the bike world, Yaeger joined the company in 2012 to take the helm in production and design of a line of American-made steel bikes. We spoke to Yaeger to find out more.

Where does the name Shinola come from?

Shinola was a New York-based small-scale shoeshine manufacturer in the early 1900s. Its business boomed during WWI and the company was famous for their colloquialism, “You don’t know shit from Shinola.”  One day a few team members were sitting in a room and someone made reference to the famous saying and that was that.

Why is Shinola so proud of its American manufacturing heritage?

Shinola is committed to building all our products in the USA, to play a part in bringing American manufacturing back. Every one of our employees is invested in this mission, and the pride is incalculable. This resonates with our customers, who recognize the value not only in the products, but in an idea whose time has come. If you look at the bicycle industry, it’s based in Asia for the whole world, and this isn’t changing. So it was exciting to start something that really hadn’t been done before. Certainly small builders have been making bikes in the US but not at the level we’re doing it.

Your product range is very considered and always uses the best materials and highest production values. What’s the relationship between the different products that you manufacture, what links the bicycles, watches and leather goods?

The highest quality of the design and materials, American craftsmanship, pride of place and a commitment to this sense of community, that is Shinola.


Is there a strong tradition of cycling in Detroit?

The cycling scene in Detroit is very strong. There are many organised rides for casual cyclists and families, some of which we’ve sponsored like D’lectricity, Green Cruise, Tour de Troit, Slow Roll, etc.  All the support from many folks in Detroit, contribute to more people riding bikes. It is a proven fact that when safe bike lanes are provided, more people will ride bikes.

How is the city for bike riding?

One of the biggest obstacles to casual riding are hills, and in that sense Detroit is great as it is relatively flat. Another big obstacle is weather, and certainly cold winter weather is not unique to Detroit, but I believe that more people are excited to ride in the summer, than in warmer climates, because Detroiters really appreciate the nice weather.  Our flagship store and bike assembly operation is located in Mid-town, which is in the heart of the Wayne State campus and in that part of town you can see students riding year round.  More and more bike lanes are being built and that just adds to the safety and enjoyment of riding in Detroit.

What are you looking forward to seeing at Spin Xmas (aside from Shinola … )?

I’m anxious to meet and speak with all the people who come out to the event, and share the Shinola story with them. I’m really looking forward to the “Slow Roll” bike ride, as that is always the best way to see any city!

Shinola will be showcasing a selection of their hand-crafted products at Spin Xmas from 5th-7th December at Rochelle School in Shoreditch. Come check them out, amongst all the other exciting exhibitors: see the full list here.






Words: David Squire

By Luke McLaughlin

Our final preparations are coming together for Spin Xmas this weekend: At 6pm on Friday the doors at Rochelle School in Shoreditch will open, and a weekend of festive cycling celebration will begin.

Hopefully you’ve already seen some of the press coverage about the event – in Time Out London, The Guardian, Cycling Weekly, London on the Inside and more …

Look out for a piece about Spin Xmas in this week’s Shortlist Magazine, too, and an interview of sorts with yours truly. You can sign up for free Spin Xmas tickets here.

If you haven’t had a chance to browse the full list of Spin Xmas exhibitors yet, it’s well worth a look. The more I discover about all our Spin Xmas exhibitors and what they do, the more interested I am in meeting them, and finding out more about their products and their passion for cycling.

As a cycling commuter in London, the issue of safety for cyclists is pretty close to my heart and I am looking forward to seeing more about Transport for London’s proposals to remodel Old Street Roundabout. They will be at the show on Friday and Saturday.

There is going to be some fantastic art and illustration in the Spoke London section of the show, too. Too many to mention here – see more details about the Spoke exhibitors here.

Aside from that I’m particularly looking forward to the food and drink – Craft Beer Rising are compiling a great selection of beer, mulled wine and cider for the weekend (full details TBC). I ate a huge plate of The Bowler’s food a few weeks back and I can reveal that it is delicious.

A relatively late but very important addition to the line-up is Eat’n’Mess Cakes, who’ll be serving up mince pies and other festive treats throughout the weekend at Rochelle School.

One of the stars of the show will be the venue itself, which is a unique space, and will make Spin Xmas a cycling festival like no other. It’s definitely worth seeing this brilliant space as we are told this may be the last event before it’s redeveloped.

It’s all shaping up well for this weekend and we’re very excited about it all. See you there!

With fashion becoming ever more prevalent in the world of cycling, here at Spin we decided to take a look at some of the exhibitors from the upcoming Spin Xmas that are focusing on fashion-conscious females.



More and more high-end fashion brands are releasing cycling specific lines that fuse style and functionality. A major consideration when considering bicycle wear is reflectivity and high-visibility. Henrichs fashion collection of clothing for outdoor activities is designed around this concept.

The collection includes reflective capes, collar and vests for both women and men, designed to be water & windproof and highly visible in the dark at up to 100 metres, especially in the glare of headlights.


The foldable design means each piece takes up minimal space and is ideal for cyclist, whilst features in Elle, Wallpaper and Tatler show the brands fashion credentials.




Born out of the frustrations of wearing scruffy bike clothes in a professional environment and ruining nice clothes by cycling in them, Velocity is the answer for women looking for stylish clothes that function on and off the bike.


Their Great British Urban Cycle Wear has lots of discreet cycle specific features to ensure that riding comfort and style is retained off the saddle. By designing and manufacturing all their clothes in London from technical, well-chosen fabrics, Velocity supports local business and retains an innovative, responsive approach.




FINDRA is a fashion led, performance driven bike wear apparel brand. Designed specifically for woman, FINDRA is based in the heart of the stunning Scottish borders home to some of the best trails in the world.


Owner and founder Alex Feechan has worked in the global fashion industry for over 20 years, her passion for fashion combined with her love of mountain biking and outdoor sports inspired her to create a brand that enables women to look good feel good and perform to the best of their abilities.


Katie’s Bike


Katie’s Bike sells jewellery hand-crafted from used bike chains. Up-cycled and repurposed, fashionable, bespoke bike bling made by saving waste from landfill and turning it into beautiful valuable products.


Nothing says fashion conscious bike-lover more than a hand made, bespoke piece of jewellery made from recycled bike chains.


Catch all these stylish, lovingly made designs and loads more at Spin Xmas, 5th-7th December at Rochelle School in Shoreditch.


Words: David Squire

To celebrate the imminent arrival of Spin Xmas – Rochelle School in Shoreditch, 5th-7th December – we’ve teamed up with Cycling Weekly and London on the Inside to offer some amazing cycling swag.

Spin Xmas competitions

Spin Xmas competitions

Kit from Shutt Velo Rapide, Alban Bike Bags, ‘Stique, FINDRA and Geoff Waugh is up for grabs with our Cycling Weekly competition – it closes at 12pm on Monday 8th December so get stuck in.

London on the Inside have got an amazing kit bundle to be won featuring lovely stuff from Huez*, Riding Hood, Monkeylectric, Cycle Alert, Alban Bike Bags and Jura Cycle Clothing which is worth £800 altogether!

This one closes on THURSDAY 4th December at 12pm so be quick and throw your hat in the ring here.

Last but by no means least we have arranged for two lucky people to win VIP passes to Spin Xmas courtesy of our friends at Lee Valley VeloPark – check them out on Twitter, follow @LeeValleyVP and @SpinLDNand RT this tweet to enter … CLOSES WEDS!

Good luck in all your competition endeavours and we’ll see you at Spin Xmas this weekend: Rochelle School in Shoreditch! Rochelle School | Arnold Circus | London E2 7ES Friday 6pm-9pm | Saturday 10am-6pm | Sunday 10am-5pm

We’ve got more than just a load of amazing bike kit at Spin Xmas  (Rochelle School in Shoreditch) this weekend …

There’s amazing craft beer, fantastic gourmet food, not to mention delicious cakes …

So here is the menu! Come and get stuck in – Rochelle School in Shoreditch, Arnold Circus, E2 7ES

6pm-9pm Friday, 10am-6pm Saturday, 10am-5pm Sunday. See you there!

Craft Beer menu


Burning Sky – Plateau – Golden Ale (NZ & US Hops) – 3.5%

Arbour – ‘Oz Bomb’ – Golden Bitter – 4.7%

Wild Beer – ‘Yankee Sandwich’ – Peanut Butter Stout – 4.7%

Black Eagle Brewery – Porter  – Original Porter 4.5%

Black Eagle Brewery – Bold As Brass – Copper Ale  4.2%

Black Eagle Brewery – Runner – Best Bitter – 4.0%


Special Guest Surprise new cider

Lagunitas IPA – 6.2%

Bellerose – Bière de Garde – 6.5%

Franciscan Well Chieftain IPA –  5.5%

Bear Hug – Himalayan Red – 5.0%

Bear Hug – Bruno – Lager –  4.2%

Firebrand Running Stout – 4.5%

Food by The Bowler

‘Jingle Balls’

Pork shoulder & beef chuck steak balls in a winter spiced tomato sauce, served on steamed wild rice with cumin soured cream, fresh parsley and homemade slaw


Green chilli chicken & turkey balls in a Thai-style coconut curry sauce, served on steamed wild rice with sweet chilli jam, crispy fried shallots, coriander and homemade slaw


Spinach, chickpea, ricotta & courgette balls served on steamed wild rice with a spiced tomato sauce, sweet chilli jam, cumin soured cream & homemade slaw

Cakes and puddings by Eat’N’Mess

Panettone bread and butter pudding

Treacle tart

Chocolate Teacake

Chocolate coconut

Mince pie crumble


Peanut Butter, white chocolate and jam blondies

Apple crumble

Banoffee pie

Xmas SpinSight is a new feature where we take a more in-depth look at some of the exhibitors for Spin Xmas (5th-7th December at Rochelle School, Shoreditch) – giving you a chance to find out more about of some of the brands at the event …

The humble bicycle wheel. Essential and integral yet simple and much taken for granted. Reinventing the wheel is an old cliche but at Spin Xmas we have a couple of exhibitors who bring much needed innovation to the market and are changing conceptions about what a wheel can be.



Being suitably visible whilst riding at night time is understandably a big concern for many cyclists. Monkeylectric have presented a unique, novel approach to the problem by developing a bike light that fits inside bike wheels.

Not just lights though, Monkey Lights are capable of showing images and videos on bicycle wheels. The top of the range Monkey Light Pro is the world’s most advanced bicycle wheel display.  It is the first and only full colour, full wheel, double-sided display showing a curated set of graphics inspired by early 8-bit arcade and computer games. A cutting-edge digital art platform, Monkey Light graphics are unique, fun and creative.

Ideal for making night riding just as fun as during the day, Monkey Lights will also ensure you’re visible on the city streets, just like this guy:




Robin Hood’s famous archery skills isn’t exactly what springs to mind when thinking about wheel design, but that’s one of the things that inspired Sam Pierce when overcoming the problem of redesigning the bicycle wheel. Born in what was once Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, Loopwheels are a new type of bicycle wheel that have suspension within the wheel itself, replacing rigid spokes with three loop shaped springs. Made from a carbon composite material, the springs use similar technology to that found in archery bows and were developed by a master bowman local to Loopwheels.

The integral, tangential suspension system that the wheels rely upon works in every direction, responding the same way to a head on force as to one from above or below. This gives a much more comfortable and fun ride by better absorbing shocks and isolating the rider from vibrations of the road.

Confused? Take a look at this video for a visual demonstration.

Currently just making a 20” version, Loopwheels is ideal for folding, commuter bikes. Most bikes of this type don’t include suspension systems because of the increased weight. Replacing the spoked wheels with Loopwheels provides full suspension in a bike which hasn’t got room for a traditional suspension system meaning  a much more comfortable ride with no impact on folding, and only a small weight gain.


Being both successfully funded on Kickstarter, these projects show the demand for this kind of unique innovation. Come discover both of these and much more at Spin Xmas, 5th-7th December at Rochelle School in Shoreditch.

Words: David Squire

Have you ever cycled around Old Street roundabout? It’s not very nice is it? Not as bad as Elephant & Castle, but certainly not great.

Here’s some good news: Transport for London have announced radical plans to redevelop it. Even better news: they will be at Spin Xmas on 5th and 6th December to consult with London cyclists on the plans. That means you!

The plans are aimed at improving conditions and safety for cyclists and pedestrians using the roundabout, which is a notoriously dangerous route; between February 2010 and January 2013 there were 44 collisions resulting in injury to people – more than 80 per cent of which involved cyclists or pedestrians.

Benefits for cyclists will include new cycle lanes on all arms of the roundabout which would be segregated wherever possible, cycle-only signals, new cycle parking and improved Barclays Cycle Hire facilities, widening bus lanes and removing unnecessary street furniture.

TfL’s consultation on these proposed improvements runs until 11 January 2015 . Come along to Spin Xmas from 5-7 December at Rochelle School, Shoreditch to talk to the guys from TfL, get more information and let them know what you think of the proposals. They will welcome detailed feedback on how it will affect users and are looking for suggestions for how best to improve the space.

Head here for more details on the proposed improvements and we’ll see you at Spin Xmas – see a full list of exhibitors here!

TfL's Old Street roundabout  redevelopment proposition. Come to Spin Xmas to find out more.

TfL’s Old Street roundabout redevelopment proposition. Come to Spin Xmas to find out more.

Xmas SpinSight is a new feature where we take a more in-depth look at some of the exhibitors for Spin Xmas (5th-7th December at Rochelle School, Shoreditch) – giving you a chance to find out more about of some of the brands at the event …

First up is spoxe.

Born in 2013 in Melbourne, Australia spoxe make dead good cycling threads. Despite their relative infancy, Spoxe have been building an enviable reputation for using simple stylish design to produce high performance cycling kit.

Their simple mantra comes from years of extensive trialing and testing to ensure their kit, made from the best technical fabrics, is of the highest standard.

We talked to Pete Findon, co-founder of spoxe, to find out more;

What were your influences for creating the brand and inspirations for the design of your clothing?

The brand was created out of two experiences. I used to run a streetwear label in the UK previously, so had an interest and some experience in garment design and manufacture. This coupled with my love of cycling and acting as team kit designer and supplier for a big group of mates in Australia, we grew as part of a scene of kit design and production in Melbourne from just a team into a business!

Where does the name spoxe come from?

We were kicking around company names for quite some time until my mum, actually, came up with the name spoxe. We wanted to differentiate the brand name from the generic “spokes”, so went with the x. The idea was that the x would, as in our logo, be easy to build into a spoke cross pattern. And spoxe was born!

What are your future plans for spoxe?

Our plans for spoxe are simple and manageable. We want to grow our presence online and through retail partners that share our values of inclusivity in cycling, supporting mens’ and womens’ cycling equally and above all having fun on your bike. We will continue to be a proudly Australian/British business, with one foot in Europe and one in Aus.

Where is your dream location for a bike ride?

Of the places I’ve ridden, definitely the Dandenong Ranges where we did the photoshoot for the spoxe website. It’s beautiful, peaceful and brutal in equal measure! Of the places I haven’t ridden…..well I’d say all the major climbs of the Grand Tours would have to be dream locations for me.

spoxe shoot in the Dandenong Ranges

spoxe shoot in the Dandenong Ranges

What’s your favourite video on the internet?

If it isn’t cycling related then anything with “Star” and “Wars” in the title is pretty good, but if it is cycling related, the one video I find myself returning to is Cancellara in the yellow jersey catching back on to the peloton in Stage 7 of the 2009 TdF:

This should be mandatory viewing for anyone needing a lesson in descending at speed.

Favourite hobby, apart from cycling?

Not really a hobby, but my dogs. We’ve got two English Pointers.

You’ve recently moved the UK from Australia, do you still keep up to date with all things Australian, are there big differences to the cycling industry in the UK?

Sure, we keep up with most things Australian quite easily through friends back there, but also Aussie connections here. I don’t know if you could say there are big differences in the cycling industry as a whole, but just in terms of the feel of being involved in cycling, there’s a sense of the old, traditional and very organised about UK cycling, compared to the organic, more free-form and young sense you get in Australia. Both are excellent places to be a cyclist, that’s a definite.

What do miss about living there?

What don’t we miss?! Well for a start there’s sunshine, the coffee and friends! I think the thing I miss the most is the unshakeable sense of optimism and entrepreneurialism that Australia has about it. It’s a place that encourages you to do your best in everything, every day.

Finally, what are you looking forward to seeing at Spin Xmas (aside from spoxe kit …)?

Let’s see…..Craft Beer Rising Winter Garden without a doubt, Stich-Mi-Lane and Geoff Waugh’s photography.

Thanks a lot Pete.

Their evident love and passion for cycling has been channelled to create some truly unique kit and that’s why here at Spin, we’re excited to have the Spoxe guys at our Xmas event.

So come check out the full Spoxe range at Spin Xmas from 5-7 December at Rochelle School, Shoreditch. I for one, am likely to be head to toe in their kit by the end of the weekend.





Words: David Squire

Spin is growing, so we hired help! Introducing David, David joined us fresh (sort of) from his Maths degree.

“My introduction to the ever-intriguing world of cycling came through riding my Dad’s rickety old Raleigh road bike whilst at Leeds University.  Bearing in mind the bike was older than I was, it was a truly thrilling and dangerous experience; highlights include being thrown over the handlebars on my way to lectures in front of a large crowd as well as being left free-wheeling down a busy road after one of the pedals unexpectedly fell off.


Since then the obsession has increased, manifesting itself in strange forms such as; bike-adventuring round Malawi with my brother and undertaking a solo, unsupported bike tour from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

This love of all things cycling led me to Spin. Their events fill a real need of celebrating cycling culture in an contemporary, exciting way, with an extremely important focus on independent brands and manufacturers.

Currently filling an internship role, I’m thrilled to be involved with the innovative, forward-thinking group of people at Spin.

We’re all working incredibly hard organising everything Spin Xmas, my personal recommendations for the show include spoxe, designers of dead good cycling threads, the launch of fixed gear specialists Fixation London and sampling at least all of the beers on offer from Craft Beer Rising in their winter garden.

I hope you can join us, it will be great to see you all revelling in the celebration of cycling culture as much as I will.”

Great stuff!

Don’t miss out; make sure to sign up for free tickets to Spin Xmas here. Follow us on Twitter & Facebook for the latest updates, competitions, prizes and much more! Also visit our website for an updated list of exhibitors.