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A surge of creativity has been unleashed and now nothing can stand It its way. An irrepressible burst of sublime colour, neat figures and Attractive patterns brightens your saddle, bespeaking your joyfullness And resolve. A seductively modern collection which anticipates your Desires, specially devised to express your unique personality with all Its different facets. Net gives your bike a distinctively personal touch Which captures the very essence of your freedom-loving soul. Now the Sky is the limit.


Style, colour and personality: Net – your imagination within reach of your saddle.

The artistic revolution led by Selle Italia is called Net – turning your bike saddle into a young, colourful one-off item, freeing your imagination and removing the limits to your creativity. A seductively modern collection to satisfy your every desire, specially conceived to let you express your unique personality with all its myriad facets. A fresh, up-to-the-minute design that takes in the latest trends among guys and girls, delving in with both hands to the widest multi-hued spectrum of creative inspiration. On this score, the new spring/summer collection does not disappoint, with high-impact colours inspired by the street and spray-can art, cool patterns, the edgy creativity of offbeat style, the classic attraction of heritage features and the retro appeal of the café racers.

Net is this and much more. A shot of pure energy unleashed on your bike, giving it that personal, inspired touch of genius.

Welcome to the world of Net – the saddle that expresses your personality.

The creative revolution has been unleashed and nothing can stand in its way. An irrepressible burst of colour, neat designs and patterns transform your saddle and let you express your personality. Net is the extraordinary innovation from Selle Italia that’s set to change the face of urban cycling forever: comfortable, breathable and ecofriendly – but also rigorously Made in Italy.
The idea of Selle Italia is to make a real cult product with endless creative possibilities. The aesthetic mission starts here: to turn the saddle into a young, colourful one-off item that reflects the enthusiast’s personality and frees their imagination. A colourful mix of interchangeable solutions ready to highlight your taste, project your style, even help you celebrate a special occasion. Net is equipped with a special printable mesh cover and can be easily customised, adding a further spark of originality to your bike. One really neat last detail: Net is made of a material that is imbued by a faint scent of lavender, giving an experience that embraces all the senses.

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